Two bourbon Jillians.

  1. Hi girls, I bought a bourbon Jillian from Revolve weeks ago, but when I got it, it appears slightly used-no tags and wrapping and a few scratches. After I contact with them, they send me another bourbon Jillian and offered me additional 30% discount, today I received the bag, it is brand new with tags, just the leather texture is not as nice and pebbled as the first one. So now I'm so confused and undecisive-should I keep the one although is slightly used but beautiful leather texture or the brand new one with not as nice leathers? Here are them side by side:

    You can see from the pics that the no tag one seems more pebbled and firmer.
  2. Decisions, decisions...Hmmm..I know, we all expect and love a brand new bag but I think I would keep the nicer pebbled one and be thrilled with the 30% discount. Sounds like a good deal to me. Just so the scratches aren't toooo bad for you to accept.
  3. Try them both on in front of a mirror and go with the one that looks best, the one your gut tells you is right. Other than that, I think I prefer the new one.
  4. Yes, why didn't they send me a brand new one with perfect leather texture? :confused1: I once thought about keep both, but how dare I? :graucho:
  5. Oh, Gee.....I am the last person to ask!! Dare I give my opinion? Well, okay, seeing that I am Jillian-obsessed....I would take the new one and run. I just removed Revolve from my favorite list because of some bad reports about used bags being sent to other PF'ers. I think that the leather is beautiful in the new one, obviously not as pebbled, but beautiful, nonetheless! Good luck!
  6. Hi Rose, thanks for your opinion! You know what, I'm Jillian-obsessed too! I just took some time comparing them, and decided to keep the new one. It's such a pretty bag IRL and everytime I look at it it's just getting prettier. As for Revolve, maybe they're too generous sometimes, so now the side-effect comes. But overall their CS is still very good. :smile:
  7. I wonder whether you'll always be disappointed if you keep the new one with not such great pebbling. If Revolve's customer service is that good, couldn't they send you another one to consider? It might be worth asking them to check it over first and make sure it's wonderfully pebbled. Even if you ended up paying for shipping the third one, it might be worth it.
  8. Hi mini, I do want a perfect Jillian because I love her so much, any flaw will make me disappointed a bit. Thanks for your suggestion, I'll email them again today, but they may don't have the stock any more because it's such a hot seller!:sad:
  9. Even though I am still waiting until the end of the year to consider a Jillian, I almost had one last week at Saks's second cut sale. It was bourbon, and I had seen it before.....not on the same store. However, the one on the sale table had no dust cover, and it looked like it was used already....which I can't see how that could happen, but the price was $174.00!!! I still put it back, even at that price because I wanted a new one that looked good!
  10. Rose, the Jillian you saw at Saks might be a display model, lots of people touch it, tried it on, so it looks used. I know your feelings since I'm a perfectionist myself, especially for things I really like. I saw Bourbon Jillians came back on NM site this morning for $327, maybe you should consider because it'll be hard to find at the end of the year especially for brand new ones? :smile:
  11. Would revolve even know if you sent them the other bag back-really?? Probably not!
  12. Yes, I told them through the phone, because the new one is one they put on hold for another customer and she didn't want it anymore, so I got the chance. :yes: