Two A Days

  1. What do you think of this show? I LOVE IT!!! For some reason I like it more than the current Laguna Beach.
  2. Cindy ~ Isn't It Good??? My Husband Also Likes It. I Can't Wait To See It Tonight!!! :smile:
  3. When is it on? And what station? I've never heard of it!
  4. MTV on Wed at 10:30
  5. LeeLee ~ Your So Funny!!!!! :smile:

    Did Anyone Watch Tonight???
  6. I watched! I hope those 2 get back together..I mean they both have feeling still..LOL!! It seems every football team has a player nicknamed Goose or some animal name. This show is okay everytime the football parts come on I lose my attention on it. But, I love the high school drama.
  7. I love their drama bad as that sounds!
  8. I watch it too! Right now, its better than LB too!
  9. It's Really Good.....Kristen & Alex (Not Sure Of Their Names) ~ They Need To Get Back Together.

    Goose Seems Nice ~ Such A Really Good Friend.

    Their Cheerleaders Are Really Good.....I Wish They Showed More Of The Cheering!
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