1. Hi everyone,

    I am new to the forum and wanted your opinion on the black Balenciaga Twiggy. This will be my first Balenciaga bag, so I wanted to know what you guys thought about it!!
  2. I love the Twiggy. It's got a nice shape to it. I have an Origan Twiggy and it's my fav bbag.
  3. Cool bag!
  4. Love it! My first bag was the Rouille (reddish-rust-orange) Twiggy and I love how it slouches like a mini duffel bag when you wear it with the long strap.

    Plus, out of all the bag names, the "Twiggy" is the COOLEST.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'm waiting for my birthday to purchase the bag, I think I get like $100 off if I get a new NM card.
  6. love blk twiggy! *thumbs up*
  7. my little miss black twiggy was my 1st b-bag & is my most beloved :love:
  8. i love my black twiggy too. totally fab and goes with everything with that cool edgy look.
  9. I have a Cornflower Blue Twiggy and I really like how roomy and comfortable the bag can't go wrong with the Twiggy!
  10. twiggy is gorgeous...
    and welcome to the forum biana... :P
  11. Thanks seahorse.
  12. :P u're welcome....
    i love to read people are converted to b-bags more and more everyday
  13. I own two Twiggys. It is a fabulous bag!
  14. 0o00o i love the twiggy shape!!!
  15. In my opinion, the Twiggy shape is the best! I love being able to easily find things in my bag, so I like that it is shallower than the other styles!

    Black will always be a classic, lovely bag!

    I wish you well,