Twiggy vs. Box

  1. What exactly is the difference?

    Obviously, I'm here because I'm addicted to bags (like everyone else) but I'm also trying to do a little research on Balenciaga bags...I don't have one, I want one and I'm trying to figure out what I like the best.

    I thought I'd start by narrowing down the shape since that'll be easier than deciding on a color...eek! So, experts, can someone help me with the differences between the Twiggy and the Box?

    :heart: Ka
  2. They're a lot alike but the twiggy is wider than the box. The box is, well, boxier.
  3. the twiggy is an elongated version of the box & the box is a shortened version of the twiggy :P...the twiggy was my 1st b-bag, but the shape wasn't working for me, so i sold i've got 2 boxes & i absolutely adore them :love:
  4. i love the twiggy...

    probably would love the box too, but haven't had the chance to see it in person.
  5. Thanks...that helps! I can't wait until I have my bag...I'm just hoping I can choose a color. Any idea if there are currently grey/pewter Twiggys out?
  6. I have owned both and I must say I prefer the box. I find the twiggy too long whereas the box is more like the classique but fuller (boxier) and holds a lot more. Once you carry it for awhile and the sides start to collapse, it looks fabulous.
  7. I prefer the twiggy because the edges are more rounded. The box edges are square and I just don't really care for that.
  8. I love the twiggy - i think the box would be WAY too small for me... I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me for some unknown reason... hehehehe!
  9. I prefer the Box style. It holds more than it looks.
  10. ^^ ITA, my boxes hold just as much as my twiggy did, maybe more ;)
  11. I heard the box was discontinued, which stinks, because I have one and I LOVE it.

    The Twiggy was just too "longish" for me.
    I agree with what Ozzysmom said. When it's not too full and it's all collapsed in it looks fabulous.

    It definately carries WAAAAY more than you'd think. It's sort of a fat first LOL. In mine I have my cell phone, a makeup case, another case with a travel size container of wipes and 2 pullups (toddler son) a changing pad AND a wallet.

    The box is a box...and the twiggy is sort of like a barrel


  12. i really love both styles. the box is "cuter" though bc it's so squat and fat!
    i think the twiggy just looks cool, but it does indeed sag in the middle when it's worn on a shoulder strap bc it is so long. i personally liked the twiggy sag, but i admit the box is more proportional for me since i'm short.
    also, the box can hold a lot more than you would think. i was able to put a cardigan into mine!
  13. I like the twiggy cos its edges are not as sharp as the box's. Which one you get will depend on you though - do you want a longer bag or would you prefer a boxy-looking one?
  14. twiggy is my fav style, i love how it looks on my arm, and I'm petite. i think it just comes down to proportions. if you like how the twiggy looks (which is longer) then get a twiggy. If you like the shortened version of the box, then get the box. OR GET BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!
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