TWIGGY: Barrel shaped?

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  1. Hello twiggy owners. I am debating between a twiggy or a city. I am 5'3'' and 100 pounds (see my other thread). I feel like a twiggy would be a better size for my petite-ness...I sorta have a fear of bags that look TOO big on me.

    Anyways, is the twiggy the same width as the city? but shorter? sorta barrel shaped? I will much appreciate seeing some pictures of twiggy owners carrying their bags. :rolleyes: THANKS!
  2. Take a look a the "documenting balenciaga colors" thread, my twiggy and my cities are in it. Good luck!
  3. THANKS! I'll look, but it's a jungle in there! haha
  4. thanks helen! i wish i can see someone with their cornflower twiggy. i've seen a picture of a cornflower city, but not a twiggy...
  5. :lol: oooh helen i just saw a picture of you and your cornflower blue twiggy! it looks great! I decided to get the cornflower blue twiggy rather than a gray city. just ordered it on aloha rag. thanks for all your help!

  6. my work is done... i'm going home!!!!!

    wooo hooo another cornflower twiggy!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :amuse:
  7. BAD NEWS! I just cancelled my order with ALoha Rag because they informed me that the cornflower twiggys they have left are all waxy and VEINY! ewww. I LOVE ALOHA RAG for their great customer service. My hunt for a nice leather, cornflower blue twiggy continues......
  8. AR has awesome service. It is nice that they were honest with you about the condition of the bags they had left. It seems the norm would be to just pawn it off anyone asking to buy one regardless of the quality. But they know good chances are the bag could get returned and that's just more hassle for both parties.

    Aww, good luck with the search!
  9. yea, love AR. but i made it clear from the very beginning i was looking for less veiny, less waxy leather, and the customer service guy (love him) went to looked himself and told me that all the bags were veiny. =D
  10. I was just at Barney's Chicago and they have a cornflower twiggy there....IMO it wasn't THAT veiny or waxy, but I decided to hold out until fall. You might want to try there ;)
  11. didi- I hope you realize there's a twiggy size, and then there's a mini twiggy size. Perhaps you'd like the mini twiggy better? and might I suggest the box? (magenta in box shape, apple green in mini twiggy shape, both linked from ateliernaff)
  12. whoa! a MINI twiggy?! GASPing for wonder everyone owns multiple bags, because it's just TOO IMPOSSIBLE to decide on just 1!!!! The box looks great! I guess it's smaller than the city, but less barrel-shaped than the twiggy right?
  13. I really liked the box when I was at Barneys this is a bit smaller than the twiggy and more defined shape than the twiggy. In the end it was the twiggy I liked the best, followed by the city, the box, and the first.
    I would highly recommend a trip to a store near really really really helped me!
  14. you can say that again girlfriend :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: