Twiggy & 2 Make Up ---Seperate listings

  1. I just nabbed the Grenat toilet case! I have a large Rouge one coming, and I wanted the smaller one too. Couldnt decide between the sapin or grenat.

    Erica the seller is great. I bought my very first Bbag from her (an Ink First). Her customer service is excellent.
  2. CONGRATS Donna! I was watching that one, too! Very pretty color!
  3. Donna, that grenat bag was beautiful. Congrats!
  4. someone needs to grab that sapin one. I had the hardest time deciding between the 2. MRG get the sapin!
  5. I would but I just got a black one and would want a little more vibrant one since I already have a darker one. Enjoy the lovely grenat one!
  6. darn it mrg!!!! i was watching the black one to go with my box! congrats you lucky duck!!!!!
  7. I didn't win hers...I got mine thru a boutique I deal with in Italy.
  8. They're all gone, now; I took the Twiggy! :yahoo:
  9. black makup, silver hardware...STILL THERE!