Twiggers Scores Another '05 Twiggy *PICS*

  1. YAY!!! She arrived today (stupid holiday...she could have been here yesterday)!!!!
    I am absolutely in was with great anticipation that I opened the dustbag...unsure the exact shade she would be! But she didn't disappoint :smile:

    This leather is so different from my '05 sky blue too...more wrinkly/distressed...but when you touch it, it just smooshes! And she is basically brand new darkening/no scuffs/no yellowing!!!!!

    May I present:

    Ms. Bubblegum Pink Twiggy

    She joins her sisters violet, sky blue, VIF, and her city sister aquamarine!

    I think pic #2 is probably the closest! She is not that light pale pink and not that dark rose pink, either! LOL...she really looks like a piece of BubbleYum Gum!

    Flash (inside):




    No flash:



    Modelling shots (sorry I don't really match...but it was what I was wearing today LOL):



    Some of you might be wondering what is next for twiggers! well....I have my eye on another fabulous older bag which might be mine towards the end of this week/early next week!

    Then I have immediate funds for one more...maybe juane twiggy? maybe plomb city? holdout for an '05 turquoise twiggy?

    Then in a couple weeks I'll have funds for 1-2 more....and then a break until my Bday in November (where hubby better buy me one LOLOL)!
  2. wow, she looks pristine! congrats!
  3. oh wow she is GORGEOUS!! you are one lucky girl--- you keep finding these amazing bags in such great condition. congrats!
  4. You're more than just on a roll, you're a woman obsessed.:graucho:

    Thank gosh you're not alone ...

  5. OH MY! That is gorgeous!
  6. ...I have a Twiggy reveal coming up this week too! ;)
  7. Aaaccckkkkk!!!!!! :nuts: That is EXACTLY how I love the leather to be!! Total perfection!!! Congrats - You are seriously working your way through your long wish list!!! :graucho:
  8. You are such a lucky woman !! That is a pristine BG Pink, beautifulll.Congrats :drool:
  9. Twiggs you are cheating again! OMG though, this bag is stunning, well done! Congrats and you look so cute wearing her.
  10. WOW Twiggers~! you sure know how to pick the purrteee Ones~! cOngrats!!
  11. Twiggers that is GORGEOUS. And did I mention you're looking fab??? I can't wait to see a family photo!
  12. wow~! you're on a roll girl. just can't get enough huh?!
  13. that's beautiful. congrats!
  14. Congrat Twiggers!
    That is one gorgeous bag!
    Look at the delicious leather!

    *drooling! :drool:
  15. Thanks sooooo much everyone!!!

    When I am done at the end of this month (well...on a break LOL) I promise to do family pics! Things are crazy with school starting back up...barely had time to post these ones in between writing up my lecture notes!

    Marie: Nevermind are getting my current HG turquoise twiggy this week LOL I'm soooooo jealous!!!!!

    I am just amazed at the leather on it....I totally can see what you all mean and smooshy and yummy now! This is definetly it!

    Oh...and when the next one comes through (an older bag again) you will be wiping drool off the keyboard because the leather looks even better than this LOL But that one I'm still working on getting so I don't want to say too much :smile: