Twenty8twelve by s.miller (got jean and pant - def. check out the line)

  1. Today in Bloor st. (Toronto) Holt Renfrew launched S.Miller sisters clothing line and two sisters were also at the launching. the window display was already full of their clothes from last week. I liked a jean last week but not sure if it was going to fit,because it was skinny and had zipper at the back and I wear size 30 I am not skinny :S. Anyways today (since today was birthday,I thought it should be a sign,and great reason to buy) I bought these two pants and love it. they looked so great. check out their websites and see if there is store nearby you has the collection.

    and this one
    -can't put the picture- here is the link

    def. check it out girls :smile:

  2. Nice pants. Love the loose dressy ones
    Did you find that the sizing was small or more generous?
  3. [​IMG]


    Really want a pair

  4. well for the pants in the picture size was little bit generous I would say because I got size 30 for the jeans and for this black pant I got size 6 and the black pant also had a jacket,which I also tried,but didn't like it. because there was no button and it was like the matador's jacket.
    on the other hand, I tried another color (redish/brownish) of the jeans and the 30 didn't fit maybe had problem with the tag. the biggest size for the jeans were 30,so glad to lost some weight during the summer heheh
    also I bought suspenders which is actually for the black pants but also can use with the jean also (that's what I saw on the window display) and suspenders came with the buttons (so I can sew it on the jeans)

    love the pants..if you don't like the zipper thing (but you will love it) there is also w/o zipper

    Also black one made me much taller 'cos of the high waist-love the detail at the back btw-and I am 5.4" not tall :smile:

    I am recommending this brand's pants/jeans %110 :okay:
  5. I LOVE those jeans so much! Great buy, that are going to be so hot next season! i want some!
  6. Canada Yorkdale and Bloor St. Holt has USA, NM and BG seems to have it. and in UK,it should be all around..can find where to buy from their website
  7. Hey Justified ... that's funny... it's my birthday today too and I was also at Holt's ... when I saw the big fuss and the crowds around the S. Miller stuff, I turned around and walked out. Might check it out when things die down, after the film festival...!
  8. oh really..probably we saw each other hehe..I saw them and start to try clothes and I was kind of struggling if I should buy the second one-tried to resist but couldn't-and when I Was out they were gone :sad:
    also yorkdale mall has it and not other place in Canada as far as I got from their website.
    def. try the pants and let me know how it goes :smile: my pants are at the alterations.have to wait 'til 17th :sad:

    happy birthday by the way :yahoo:
  9. hmm I havent checked out the line at all..But im curious about it. How is the quality? has anyone been to the notting hill store?
  10. quality seemed fine.
  11. Oooh I love the shirt, I gotta go check that out !
  12. shirt is from another brand..go to the and go to the twenty8twelve from the brand directiory to see the details but the shirt is
    "Curl Collar Shirt by Kirsty Doyle"
  13. NM and BG site has it online if you want to check it out
  14. I have to look into this label! I love the white shirt.....I can't resist buying a nice, crisp white shirt1
  15. white shirt deems to be liked very much hehe