1. Has anyone seen the tweedee lately in the U.S.? Tried SCP and BH this weekend, but apparently none in stock (SAs unsure of what I was looking for)... Thanks for any scouting advice!
  2. The escarpe tweedee cashmere shawl that gigi and katyc have? Our local store is also out. Waiting for the next shipment.
  3. Yes, the shawl. Hmmm...perhaps it is unavailable locally because it is unavailable...
  4. :confused1:
  5. Rose, LOL... I thought the shawl might not be available in SoCal because it looks somewhat "wintery" in pics...I did not consider the possibility that it was "sold out"...
  6. Thanks SoCal.....was starting to think all this switching between Hermes and Chanel was making my brain mushy;)