Tech TV from Best Buy has been broken since November. Opinions?

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  1. I have a 32" LED Insignia TV with DVD player that was purchased from Best Buy in October of 2008. I have the extended warranty on it.

    In November of 2009, the DVD player wasn't working correctly. It wouldn't play DVDs. One of their Geek Squad guys came over and reset it.

    It worked for three weeks. At that time it stopped working again. I called Best Buy and they said they would have to reorder a new DVD player for it.

    I never heard from them and finally called in January. They sent their Geek Squad guy over again. He came over without having ordered the part and couldn't do anything.

    Last week he came over for the 4th time and brought the part. It didn't work. He admitted that for this TV, they are repairing them with refurbished parts (which I saw as a red flag).

    Another week has gone by, and I never heard from the Geek Squad guy.

    As you can imagine I'm getting pretty peeved. This DVD on my TV hasn't worked since November and now it's February.

    What are my options in this situation? Has anyone had this issue with an extended warranty product?
  2. what does the warranty say about replacing the product vs fixing it?

    i know if this happened to my dad he'd take the tv plus warranty papers into best buy and say "FIX THIS" and demand a new tv since that's what the extended warranty is for.

    it does sound like you're going to have to get down and dirty somehow... either call the store and talk to a manager or something.
  3. You should raise hell. If they can't fix it they're usually obligated to give you a new model of equal value for free.
  4. I'd insist on a replacement of equal, or greater, value, or a full refund. :yes:
  5. Since Geek Squad has been so not what ILuvShopping's dad would do: go to the store and make some noise. It's harder for them to ignore you if you're in the store. Bring all your paper - not just your warranty paperwork but also the repair paperwork. Do you have the names and dates of the Geek Squad members that you spoke with? If you do, add them (and your conversation with them) to the paperwork as well. The better prepared you are, the more likely you'll get them to resolve your problem. But make sure you don't go in (at least initially) with a bad/angry tone - they'll be less likely to help you if you do, KWIM?

    And always, always, always ask for the manager/supervisor.
  6. UPDATE ...

    Best Buy has agreed to replace the TV! Yay!

    Now the next hurdle ... getting the defective TV back to them and getting a new one. I need to go to the store and pick out a new one that is comparable to the one I have, but it's too big for me to manage on my own.

    I'm hoping that they will waive the pickup/delivery fee since my TV is a lemon.
  7. ^ I really think they ought to, as they've put you through enough trouble, already!

  8. grab some friends and someone with a truck! :biggrin:
    or do you even need a truck for a tv that size?

    i'm glad they're going to replace it for you!! hopefully they don't screw you on that... i've read about some horror stories about them replacing for something comparable.

    and yes, beimg nice is always better :smile: in that aspect do NOT act like my dad lol. he gets heated REAL easily when it comes to customer service situations.
  9. 32 should fit into your car, especially w/o the box. We fit a 40" Samsung LCD w/box in the back of Accord coupe :yes:
  10. That's great news!! Yay for you!! :smile: So what does comparable mean? Same price or same tech specs?
  11. Bit of advice. This is exactly why I avoid combination units. If one part fails, the whole unit is compromised and may have to be replaced. I realize they save space instead of having separate units, but unless you're in a dorm room or a small apartment, you don't really gain all that much. Stand alone DVD players are running about $50 or less and even the new technology Blu-Ray players have fallen below $100 at some stores.
  12. I agree with Echoes, I would REALLY recommend against combination units. Trying to combine products just creates more opportunity for a component to go bad and ruin the entire thing.

    I don't know if they'll waive the delivery fee since TVs that size are almost exclusively a take-with product, but if you complain enough you can probably get it done. If you don't want to wait for a delivery, though, try taking it home - they're not particularly heavy and very easy to set up.

    Also, make sure that the swap is done under the manufacturer's warranty - if the parts are defective, it should qualify, and then you won't have to buy a new service plan.