Turquoise - the bridge between heaven and earth

  1. Well, at least that is what many Native Americans believe. A symbol of the earth and sky, good fortune and success. Spiritualists say it is an excellent token of protection for physical and astral travel and vision quests, during which it acts as a grounding force, strengthening the user against fear of the unknown by enhancing one’s feelings of trust, kindness, wisdom and understanding. It can ward off strong negativity and protect from the evil eye, reptile bites and diseases of the eye. Further, Shamans extend its protective powers to one’s property. Turquoise is androgynous with a good balance of yin and yang. (from jewelry suppliers.com article on stones and spiritual beliefs)

    But you didn't tune in to read about the symbolism....

    IT'S HERE! Introducing Ms. Turquoise Mahala, hot off the UPS truck!

  2. Wow - everytime I think Jimmy Choo can't get a better color they come out with one! This bag is even better in person. Congrats on an awesome bag!
  3. Oh la la...so do you like this better than the new dark blue? That's what...3 blue Choo bags now! I'm soooo jealous!
  4. OMG :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

    Oh Jburgh this bag is so YOU :queen:

    Congratulations!!! Is she going on any trips in the near future ;)
  5. jburgh -- wow that is stunning!!! I was lucky enough to see this bag IRL today, sadly peering through the window of the closed Choo store on Madison Ave, but it shone out!!!

    Wow this is a beauty!! You must be very pleased.
  6. Oh man :drool::wtf::drool:, that is BEAUTIFUL!!!! This bag may be the death of me:death:!!! OK, I DON'T need another bag right now LOL, don't need another bag right now...

    So jburgh, do you have a second couch ready for modeling just the bags you purchased over the holidays??? Hope you can post some updated family photos so that I may long and yearn forever...

    Congratulations!!! I LOVE that color!!!! Do you like it better than the LP Neon Blue Mahala????
  7. That is one beautiful color!!! Congrats, jburgh! I think you need to start collecting some turquoise jewelry to go with the bag now.:woohoo:SO are you loving the bag or what??
  8. It is so different from the neon blue:



    I like them both!
  9. Thank you! I have collected turquoise jewelry for at least 33 years. And silver. This bag would have looked even better if the hardware had been burnished silver. :drool:
  10. Oooh, that neon blue is breathtaking.

  11. You are correct! She is hanging up filled with three cans to get her elongated...not soup, but beans, lol.

    She will not be traveling soon. Her big green biker cousin is traveling next week.
  12. THAT is it! The ultimate Choo color! As trendy as the EB is/was....I'll bet the turquoise surpasses it! :tup:

    That is such a beautiful color! WHY can't JC bring out the Riki or the Ring in colors like this??? Noooo....we get raincoat colors and suede....not that I'm bitter or anything....:noworry:

    Actually? You know what this color reminds me of jburgh? It reminds me a bit of a cooooold and snoooowy day in say.....oh, I don't know....maybe Chicago in January! Brrrrr....:smartass::smartass::smartass:
  13. Wow, they are quite different but both beyond BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congrats again!
    I used beans, too :tup:!

  14. That is a stunning bag. It might just take away the disappointment of the just miss purple Mahala. Can you imagine how great that is going to be for spring/summer??? The color reminds me of every tropical vacation I've been on...it's as blue as the Carribbean waters. It'll look soooo great with white jeans and silver jewelry! The leather looks so soft! Where did you get it again?
  15. ^^ ITA, the ultimate Choo colour:heart:. Congrats!!:yahoo::yahoo: Would you please please model it with your turquoise jewelry, pretty please. And by the way, Finnish winter days NEVER EVER look like that. That bag reminds me of the Bahamas, palm trees, drinks, white slacks etc etc.