Turquoise Stam on Sale at NM! Pic!!!!

  1. My SA, Lisa Hamlin, sent me a ton of pics of sale bags. here is the Marc Jacobs bag- I think it is a stam, and in a gorgeous turquoise!

    Orig. $1550, Now $1038

    Call Lisa Hamlin if you have questions (248) 635-8442:flowers:
  2. So pretty! The official color is light petrol.
  3. there's one of those at the SF NM too! they also had a cherry red stam on sale. it was really pretty.
  4. Lovely
  5. Gorgeous color!!!!
  6. I love that color!
  7. That color is simply DIVINE!
    Wow... do they make bags in this color other than the stam?
  8. oh my god... that is my DREAM bag... no way i can afford it right now... i knew i shouldn't have peeked in this thread:crybaby:

  9. oooooh that's nice, i know lisa and barb and christina, it's the same nm i go to and those ladies are very nice.
  10. the blake and multipocket also came in petrol.
  11. The color of the Stam is "Light Petrol" which is only available for the patchwork line. I have seen it on the Stam and Lou but it could also be available for the Camilla and Bowler.

    Soft calf bags such as the Blake and MP came in a different color called "Petrol". :yes:
  12. I saw the same bag at NM Michigan Ave. but it was a brighter turquoise-ish blue-ish type color. It was very beautiful.
  13. is light petrol very BRIGHT turquoise? or is it more like the photo from the OP? Thanks!
  14. jag, thanks. What else did Lisa send you, any other bags of note? I am interested in the Ines and Lou, specifically.