Turquoise Satin Crocs

  1. Are there any left in the boutiques? Doesn't matter what size... does anyone also know the pricing? TIA!
  2. just saw one at NM Atlanta. 4042668200
  3. Just saw a few in Jeffrey NYC last weekend

    Also I am pretty sure Chanel Short HIlls has some too
  4. just saw one at NM palo alto. it's gorgeous!!
  5. I am pretty sure i saw them at both NM downtown & Willow Bend in Dallas
  6. would anyboddy know how much and what size are left?? I love this but it cant be an everyday bag -- *sigh*
  7. Hi, I called several Chanel boutiques and they are available in jumbo and the east/west size. I don't remember the exact price, the smaller one is 2800+, the jumbo is 3100+ I believe. Thanks everyone
  8. i saw a turquoise one again at nm willow bend (plano tx) yesterday. i do not know the price. call shannon.

    Also pertty sure i saw one at nm downtaown dallas. ask for anne marie.
  9. Saw one last night in east/west size at Bellagio in Vegas.