Turquoise 2005 First SB 799

  1. Yes - gorgeous body, but icky handles!

    Because of that - I doubt it'll go anywhere as crazy as the city. I wouldn't pay any more than the starting bid with handles that dark, but that's just me.

    If this were to go crazy.. then OMG - you'll see a plethora of people offloading turquoise 05s (well ones who are able to part with it) because we'd be officially in the land and times where people are so crazy about 05 turq that they don't even care about condition any more!

    Props to the seller though for being honest about it and not trying to pretend the handles aren't darkened via 'selective photography'.
  2. Question about those handles - won't LMB treatment fix that? Either at home or sending to the company for work?
  3. Someone else got inspired by the other auctions… already has 1 bid. Darn, didn’t I already say that I wish I had one to sell :crybaby: :crybaby:

    Now where's our Bbag cult newbie? Must find her and let her know about this new listing. We did promise to be good enablers :yes:
  4. The LMB treatment 'For Handles Only' is a pre-treatment so it acts as a guard to prevent darkening of handles, but once it's there it won't do anything. I've never tried, but perhaps the cleaner might remove some of it - but it won't get all the oils out. You'd probably have to send it out for an oil extraction to be done. and this is where opinions will differ... that you can never ever get the same original feel of the leather again. Once they do get the oils out - who knows what the colour'll be like and then at that point.. would you restore the colour as well? Either way - it can get pricey so that can be one reason why some people steer clear of auctions where the bag has darkened handles.

    But too each their own. If darkened handles don't bother you and you wouldn't mind a preloved bag - then there are definitely some deals out there to be had!
  5. Those are some seriously dark handles!!! Yikes! None the less a lovely color. It's true once a bag has had some sort of restoration it is never the way it was originally.
  6. Hey ladies, this one is my auction. :yes: I'm selling it for my friend actually. :p Besides the darken handles, the overall condition of this bag is pretty good. I want to be honest with the condition of the bag and that's why I input all the flaws I can find in the descriptions. I hate it how some sellers would do trick photography to hide certain flaws. :push:

    I know it's not a mint condition turqy like the other 2 Cities that went sky rocket high, so I'm not expecting my friend to make a profit on her bag. We put a starting bid of what we considered it's fair and just let it go from there. :smile:
  7. The Turq 05 color is DIVINE :heart:

    Only thing is that the price is :wtf: for the condition - I got the exact bag new/mint for only slightly more.. but for anyone that simply can't wait for a new bag to come round on eBay for a bit more, then this would be the way to go :smile:
  8. Irissy - serious props to you and your friend for being so honest about the condition. Some less honest sellers use shadows and angles as their friend in taking photos of their bbags up for auction. Good luck on the sale!
  9. girlycharlie
    Thanks for thinking of me, but I really have my heart set on a City in this year and color. I'll try to be patient and wait till another one turns up on eBay.:smile:
  10. ^^
    Yes - patience will definitely help you get your 05 turq city!

    I was desperately looking for one forever.. and then wham! I had a choice between 2 on the exact same day!
  11. I think the starting bid is very fair for this sought after color. The handles do not bother me at all. The bag can be sent to LMB with great results. My 05 Caramel FIrst is currently having the oils extracted from the handles. I don't sell my bags so I don't worry about treating a bag and how that will affect the resale value of it. If I can get a great deal on a style I like in a color that is very desirable, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it - darkened handles and all.
  12. ^^ fendi! please post before and after pictures of your caramel. I want to see!!! :yes:
  13. Thank you. That's so sweet... :shame: