Turquoise 04 clutch arrived! (pics)

  1. The turquoise 05 clutch I bought on eBay (from the lovely Irene) arrived :yahoo:

    The colour's really sublime.. and SO different from the Turquose 05! I plan to use it as an evening purse for a dinner, etc :smile:

    Thanks for letting me share, and here are some pics!

    1) The Turquoise 04 clutch
    2) With (just my blue) Balenciaga bags, too lazy to take a full family photo!
    Bturq04Clutch.jpg Bbluefamily1.jpg
  2. Congrats Beverly! What a pretty clutch! You sure do love your blues:smile:)
  3. :nuts: oh boy oh boy! it is too pretty for words. i loveeee it!:love: great buy. enjoy it well. i have been looking for a clutch too.
  4. congratulations, you have a lovely collection, nice colours.
  5. becautiful girls..good luck!
  6. ^Er...mods? This isn't allowed right?

    Congrats Beverly! I totally love the 04 turquoise colour it's one of my favourites! I keep drooling everytime i see your collection lol:girlsigh:
  7. ^EW, spam!!!!!! yeah, Perceph, a big NO-NO!

    Beverly, wow! congrats on the clutch! and beautiful blues you have there!
  8. Oooh, excercise the power of the little triangle with the exclamation mark!
  9. She's gorgeous Beverly, congrats! Sorry this tool above has interupted your post.
  10. Thanks everyone! I can't wait to take this pretty 'lil clutch out on a 'date' :lol:

    And yes, getting a leeeeetle obsesive with the blues. I used to be really into pinks but now I've trimmed it down to only 3 pinkish bags - a real accomplishment for me :P
  11. woow Bev your collection is amazing!:yahoo: :heart: :yahoo:
  12. wow, congrats! i :heart: your balenciaga family!
  13. congrats.. it's cute
  14. Congrats! Turquoise is one of my fave colors :love: And thanks for sharing your fab collection of blues...your pic. really makes me love the sky blue color- lovely!
  15. I have to ask, out of all your blues, do you have a favorite??