Tuiga, online

  1. PSA -- Tuiga is available in the navy colorway on the Web site. I know of more than one gal who was waiting for it to appear online.
  2. Bumpity if someone´s aching for Tuiga!
  3. I just bought a Tuiga in bleu glacier over the phone in Germany and they send it to my mom for her birthday! The customer service was amazing, I am very impressed.
  4. Ooh Germany! Haven´t tried them yet. If you want to tell me details Hello, pm pretty please.
  5. love the Tuiga, got it in the navy colorway, it's amazing! you can tie it different ways so the "tails" are different colors. :biggrin:
  6. It's a stunning scarf. Still waiting for the Belgium onlinestore to open :sad:
  7. I just bought the orange. its a cool strange orange color...with a yellow contrast hem!