TTS Vs TTS US size, an explanation

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  1. I have been wanting to post this but I haven't in fear of getting a million people telling me to go the the sizing reference.

    But I wanted to discuss this.

    I see on the forum....that some people say true to size or TTS....and some TTS US sizing.

    Is there a difference between TTS vs TTS US size?

    I would say for example if I were to buy Steve Madden I am a US size 8 but if I were to buy Prada or Manolo Blahnik I am a 38.5.

    Christian Louboutins of course run all over the place but I think in my head my TTS Louboutin size is 38.5

    and if things run true to your US size its 8.

    Just wanted to discuss.
  2. I think I'm in the minority, so this might not be much help, but my US TTS is usually my CL TTS also. Almost all CL styles I take my normal US size, and with the new sizing, I'm actually sizing down 1/2 size in a lot of styles. I think my feet are just weird though. :P
  3. Very interesting. I know that we are all different....and each shoe is different etc....
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    I am a Loubie newb so I have no idea what my CL TTS is. So when I use TTS I always specify that it is TTS with my US size, for example: I'm a US 7.5, so if I said my CLS were TTS, they would be a 37.5. Generally though, it seems I need to go up half a size for loubies, up to a 38 since they tend to run small.
  5. my older season shoes are same size as my US size....

    i always thought when ppl said TTS it meant same size as their US size :shrugs:
  6. Haha there's always confusion on this! Before the sizing got real wonky, I usually fit a half size up from my US size making my CL TTS 37.5 and my US TTS 7. I always make sure to specify what if I'm talking about US or CL sizing :P
  7. I find that my TTS is about a 7 (US) and that I have to size up .5 for CL. In the new sizing, I am a pretty solid 37.

    I also stay true to my CL size in a lot of styles that people size up for (Decollete, Declic), and size up for some styles others size down for (Numero Prive... some like the sling to be tighter; the length will be too short for me if I size down).

    The thing is, I still have trouble deciding what size to get in some styles because the sizing is so wonky... and I'd say I have a pretty good grasp on my true size! I'm glad you started this thread, Guccigal. :flowers:
  8. interesting. my US size is 8.5, but I consider my CL TTS 39. Even more confusing, I consider a 1/2 size up from that my normal CL size, 39.5. So I have CLs that range from size 39 through size 40. and even with the new season's sizing, I still stick right around that 39/39.5 area.

    I could have done the LLZ in 38.5 or maybe even the Bianca, but I'd rather have the 39 and add a ball of foot pad if necessary. whenever I'm looking for sizing advice, I take into consideration a range of different styles. CL sizing ... it's complicated!
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    I'm also a Loubie Noubie (don't kill me :biggrin:), so I always specified US TTS because I didn't know my CL TTS. But, after three pairs, I now think I am a CL TTS 37 in current sizing.

    Moira - 37, fit perfectly out of the box with no stretching
    Triclo (patent) - 37.5, fits in length but straps are loose and they're unworn. Likely to stretch once worn, too.
    Luly - 37.5, small gap at back out of the box but the straps compensate.

    I don't have any earlier season CLs, so I don't know what I would have been in those. My US TTS is somewhere between 7-7.5, depending on the shoe.

    I've been reluctant to buy earlier season CLs because I just don't have a grasp on the old sizing, so I love this thread already. It will be really helpful to compare against others with the same US TTS.
  10. I remember seeing this asked before, and most of the ladies here have said the same thing, but I will try to elaborate as best I can.

    Like many who already posted, my US size is 6, but most of my CLs are 36.5. So my CL size is 36.5.

    When I am getting fit advice here and most people say to go TTS, I choose 36.5 (because I want my CL TTS). I size up or down from 36.5 depending on fit advice.

    HOWEVER, some of the new season classic shoes were resized, so things are all wonky now. I used to wear the VP style in my CL TTS (36.5), I got a new pair this season and they are TTS (36). Additionally, some peoples US size and CL size were already the same, so their CL TTS might now be 1/2 down from the US size.

    I'm not even sure I cleared things up with this! :weird:
  11. Every single shoe I have purchased from F/W09 - S/S10 I have taken True To My US Size. Except my Pigalle because they run about 1/2 size.

    Compared to US 6.5 I now fit PERFECTLY into Louboutin's Size 36.5

    Anything before FW09 I was taking 37 to 37.5

    Mr L seems to have made things right when it comes to sizing. I hope it stays this way
  12. This thread is fine just where it is...:yes:
    CL sizing drives me completely batty! Some styles I've had to go a whole size down, some 1/2 size up or down...
  13. i always mean true to my US size, but like some others, my US size is pretty consistent with my CL size. (usually 6.5-7, very rarely 7.5)
  14. I've never been able to go TTS in any CL I've tried on. My TTS is a US 10 and that is pretty accurate for non European shoe makers but with CL's it's sooo werid. For example most ladies would go TTS 1/2 size up in New Simples I had to go a full size up. And for the VP's and YoYo Zeppas I had to go 1.5 sizes up....

    My feet are very weird that's why I sometimes don't bother looking at the size thread cause my sizing is so diff.
  15. ^^Good point! All feet are different, I have really narrow thin feet so my sizing will obviously be different, in some cases, than someone with wider feet.