Trying to replace this bag. Suggestions?

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  1. I bought a Linea Pelle Dylan shoulder bag that I really like a lot, except that the rolled handle diggs into my shoulder & leaves a red mark. Because of that, I have to send it back. I am sad about this because otherwise, it is the softest and most comfortable bag. *Sigh*

    I am looking for a darker gray (maybe a purple) hobo/shoulder bag style. Outside pockets are a huge plus. Silver or gunmetal hardware.

    I would like to keep it at $300ish or under, but I am open to suggestions. TIA!

    This is what I have to send back. :shucks:

  2. wow! the color is gorgeous! too bad it has to go back
  3. That is a great color. Have you looked at banana republic's gray hobo bag? It's under your price point, has the same shape as your Dylan with zip closure iirc and has a flat strap that can be adjusted. It can also be carried cross body.

    I'll try to find the link.
  4. ^I have never really looked at bags from Banana Republic. How's the feel and quality?
  5. I like them and never had a problem with them. Using one right now as a matter of fact that is a year old and still looks brand new.

    I like that they are inexpensive so if my son wreaks havoc on it in wont be
  6. I heard somewhere that Coach makes Banana Republic bags, not sure if it's true...I have always found Banana bags are very well made.
  7. Sorial makes nice purses that are very functionable.
  8. That's too bad you don't think it's comfortable. I actually have this bag coming in the espresso color later, and another style. I find them pretty comfortable, but on the stiffer leathers the handle has to break in some. Were you carrying a lot of things in the bag?
  9. I am so torn about returning this bag. Maybe I will keep it and try to break the handle in. Of course, once I carry it, it's mine so I have to be sure. It is a nice smooshy bag and I was hoping it could be a good daily bag. It is certainly casual enough and it is a good size. Argh! I have to decide in the next couple days.
  10. Put your normal items inside and wear it around the house for awhile. That should give you an idea if this is a bag that's both beautiful and comfortable.
  11. Gorgeous color!! is having a great sale now and has some bags like that for under $300. You might check it out - good luck!