Trying to get rid of some LV's

  1. Does anyone have any suggestions? Like does eBay get a good price? Or does anyone know anywhere else? I know that you can trade on here, but does that really work?
  2. Besides eBay you can try Craigslist. There is no buying, selling or trading allowed here.
  3. eBay is the best choice in my opinion. good Luck .
  4. :nogood:
  5. I second ebay! If you are new to ebay, you can check out the ebay forum on tpf and read up on selling. If you're hesitant to use ebay, you can always try to consign it to one of the reputable consignment shops like fashionphile, ann's fabulous finds, etc
  6. Ebay has always worked great for me!
  7. Thank you! Either ebay or Fashionphile will hopefully work. :tup:
  8. ^also, when you become an established member, you can become a marketplaza member!
  9. ebay would be the best place. for the most part it has worked for me.
  10. ebay
  11. Ebay works great! You just have to look carefully at your bidders. If I see anyone that looks sketchy, I cancel their bids.
  12. fashionphile? u can sell it to them?
  13. I use ebay for my purses, but I am very strict about my listings with them~There are a lot of scammers, You just have to be careful! he ebay forum on here is really helpful if you have questions!
  14. I think Ebay would be the best way to go.
  15. Ebay.