trying to find an unbiased opinion..Prada or MJ

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  1. i've had my eyes set on this prada bag and i really like the gray with gold hardware.. it feels AMAZING on, the leather is so soft and TDF..

    however, i'd seen the MJ laquared quilted leather karlie at nordstroms online and think it's beautiful too.. now i'm torn!! the color says pink, but it definitely looks like a creamy tan to me.. has anyone seen it in person? i've seen the quilted clutch in person at nordy's and it definitely didn't look pink to me.

    which bag would you choose? and i know i'm in the MJ forum so opinions may be biased.. but i really can't decide!
  2. Hi! I had this MJ bag and it didn't work out for me......the straps are a bit wide and they slip off of your shoulder.......

    I am also a PRADA lover!!! I love this Vitello Daino leather! It is amazing and will last forever! I say go with the PRADA!!!
  3. Seconding beb on this one, I like the shape and colour of the Prada better.
  4. i like both bags. i really can't choose. i love the lacquered quilting line. the glazed goat leather is really special. the color on the nordstrom site is accurate. although the color is called pink, it's really more of a nude. the prada is chic, a little on the plain side. they're both classic. i guess my only issue is that the prada doesn't zip close. i'm no help because i can see myself being happy with both.
  5. You seem to love the Prada already! I must say I prefer the MJ, and I'm not saying that because I'm an MJ girl. I just like the quilting and the shape better… plus, the warm nude is a great and versatile color for fall.
  6. I vote for the karlie simply cuz I love the quilting and a zipped closure. However the Prada looks like it would hold more. I have not seen the lacquered line IRL but going by Nordie's photos..the color appears on the beige side with maybe a hint of pink.
  7. I like the Prada better just because it seems like an easier to carry bag, but both are really pretty bags and there can be no wrong decision imo.
  8. Hands down, I prefer the style of the MJ, and that warm nude color is very chic. However, based on what beb posted, if you're looking to carry it on your shoulder, perhaps the Prada is a better bag for you. :smile:
  9. both are gorgeous. i did have a prada similar to that style and it was massive on me so definitely go try it on in the store. :smile:
  10. I'm a sucker for wonderfully soft leather and I love the pinky-beige color of the Prada (almost nude). I've seen the Karlie in person and while I liked it, I didn't fall in love with the look or style. As much as I love this season's lacquered leather, I would choose the Prada
  11. thank you for your opinions.. it's making my decision slightly easier!
  12. i love both, but i like that the Prada seems like it would be easier to wear
  13. I love both..I think the MJ is prettier just because I love the color and the quilting..but the Prada looks easier to carry and more comfortable...
  14. I really like both.
    MJ: I am a sucker for quilting!
    Prada: I'm not a huge Prada fan, but I can see myself carrying this. Its big, and looks comfortable. It can be held by hand, elbow, or crossbody/shoulder.
    I think you should go for the Prada, its already in your heart!
  15. those were my thoughts exactly.. when i tried it on it looked great on the elbow, hand held, and really cool as a crossbody. while i was never a huge prada fan before (i can of just overlooked them) i fell in love with a couple different styles as of late and now i'm a fan! i should probably stick with my first decision and try not to be swayed by the MJ! :P