Trying to find a Mulberry on sale...

  1. Hey purse lovers,
    Do any of you know when and where these go on sale regularly? The only time I saw Mulberrys was at Neimans after Christmas last year (and stupid me, I had a black darwin Bayswater in my hand but didn't buy it... I'm regretting it now! :push: ). Isn't there supposed to be a summer sale at Neimans? Online the only place I found it was at net-a-porter for retail of course. Any suggestions?
  2. I recently read something on-line by a Uk shop saying it wasn't stocking Mulberry anymore as they weren't allowed to discount any of the bags, so only bags officially in the Mulberry sale can be had at a discount. Don't know if this will be the same in US ! They had a sale just after xmas and I think they'll have a summer/autumn sale but not sure when.
  3. If you are close to a Nordstroms, they have them on sale or try calling up any Nordies and tell them what you would like and they will ship it to you. Good luck!
  4. People have seen Mulberry bags marked down at Nordstrom Rack. At the last Nordstrom Anniversary sale they had Mulberry bags.
  5. In the UK there are outlet stores where they discount a lot - I go to the one in York and they are often discounted quite a lot, and they are good at tracking specific stuff down. No help to you if you're in the US though.
  6. Thanks for all your suggestions, unfortunately the Nordies in Honolulu is still under construction (we have a Nordstrom Rack too but I haven't seen any Mulberrys there)! I'm going to call some in California and hopefully will come across something... I'll keep you posted.
  7. I've seen a few on sale at Neiman's Last Call - Auburn Hills, MI if you want to call them. Also at Saks Off Fifth Auburn Hills.
  8. What is it you're after?
  9. yes i agree with the nordstrom rack idea. i found some super good deals on refurbished bags there (not just mulberry). they are often 80% off!
  10. I'm looking for a black darwin Bayswater. So far I've printed a list of all the Nordstroms & Nordstrom Racks in Califorina, now I just gotta start calling... :yes:
  11. I bought both of my Mulberry's (Phoebe & Elgin) on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue, 50% off one and about 70% off the other. After Xmas sale.
  12. i saw a lot of mulberry's on sale at barney's new york..i don't know if they were discontinuing the line or not...