Trying to figure out my LV mystery?

  1. So I was just looking through the feedback of the winner of my LV auction and I noticed that she's purchased about 17 or 18 LV purses in the past month all with good feedback.

    Is there some big turn around profit she would be making by buying all these purses on eBay?

    I was thinking maybe she has a boutique and turns them around real quick.......but how could you make good money after you spent pretty good money paying me for a used purse?

    I was just shocked to see all the LV auctions she's won lately.

    Just curious...........

    what would she be doing with all these purses? They have to be going somewhere? Some new/some used.

    I'm just very cautious at this point.......
  2. Yikes! A couple scenarios:

    1. She just got a new credit card with a high limit.
    2. She's using a family member's CC without their knowledge.
    3. She just won a lottery.
    4. She's using a stolen CC.
    5. She owns a consignment shop and plans to sell them there.

    Anyone else want to venture a guess?
  3. considering all the LV's they bought were low-priced, I doubt she is using a stolen credit card. If so, she would be buying LE, etc. I would guess choice 5. She has another eBay ID or consignment shop where she sells these at higher prices.
  4. Can I venture "purse addiction"? Mine waxes and wanes; sometimes I go 6 months without buying a bag and then go on a giant binge for a month or two...
  5. I bought a purse from this women on eBay. She had not sold very much maybe 4 or 5 things but she has been a huge purse buyer. I was looking at her feedback and within a few months this women has bought about 100-150 purses wallets etc.... some of the same thing. I was wondering what the heck is she doing with all these designer purses...
  6. ^^^ Quite possibly selling them on
  7. She's probably using a buying ID to buy all those bags, and then reselling them with a better known seller ID on Ebay. It happens all the time! ;)
  8. ^yup, reseller.
  9. I would agree... but 17?????
    Have you ever gone on a binge and bought 17 in one month?
  10. :yes:

    I've seen quite a few of these accounts !

    I wish I could be a professional reseller.. unfortunately the "selling" part would just never happen ! :lol:
  11. I wish I could be a professional reseller too!! I often see some great bargains, but I don't have the money to buy everything I see (and reselling is SUCH a pain!) When I see a bargain, I put it on my watch list, just to see which reseller snapped it up!! ;)
  12. Yip sounds like she is a reseller & this is her buying ID. I know quite a few buying id's of the big sellers so if you want to pm me I can let you know if it's one of them!
  13. I go with this one :tup:
  14. I do too, one of them keeps out bidding me lol, an "O" comes to mind, Im sure you know who I mean :upsidedown: