trying to exchange ysl muse bought in paris

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  1. my husband brought me a ysl muse bag (large, copper haircalf) in the paris ysl boutique last week. I really want to exchange it for an xl chocolate at the ysl store in las vegas. problem - they are insisting on a receipt, and he cannot find it (he paid cash). what to do?
  2. Maybe if you call the Paris boutique they can do something. Otherwise ask to speak to a store manager.
  3. call the credit card company and request a copy of the receipt.
  4. thanks - no credit card receipt b/c he paid cash

    do you know what official ysl policy is?
  5. can you call the paris store and ask them to mail you a copy of the receipt? they should have it in the computer. Or mail the bag back to them and exchange?
  6. God I hope you'll be able to work out something, but I remember once I bought a Muse at a Department store in Paris (like I said in another thread it took me a few hours to realize the bag wasnt for me) and I went the same day to return it only to their St germain flagship store, even with the receipt they wouldn't return it I had to go back to the Dpt Store...
    Then again, I think this was a stock issue for them, they'll probably be more pliant for exchanges especially in your case since there''s a price difference...
  7. thanks for the responses - does anyone have a receipt that references the actual return policy?