Trunks & Bags Round Coin Purse * WHICH COLOR WOULD YOU GET? * Reference Pic Included


Which One Would You Get?

  1. #1 - Coral

  2. #2 - Light Mint Green

  3. #3 - White/Beige

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  1. Hey All!

    I am about to purchase a Trunks & Bags Round Coin Purse but I am stuck on which color to get.

    Out of the 3 colors pictured below, which one would you purchase?


    Thanks For Your Help In Advanced! :flowers:
  2. Honestly, they are all too cute it doesn't really matter for me :upsidedown: But if can have only one I'd probably get #2!
  3. Coral.
  4. Well...I AM partial to the

    But I heard the grass green one was amazing looking, however, the coral is stunning (a friend of mine has one). Since I haven't seen the green up close, I can't say for super-sure, but I have seen the coral and it's gorgeous. There is also a pink one (haven't seen that IRL either, but I'm sure it's beautiful).

    For some reason, you strike me as a coral, lol. I say get that one, it's incredible looking :yes:
  5. another vote for coral :tup:
  6. I have the coral and love it! It's a very vibrant color IRL!

    Gayle: The three colors up there are the only ones that came out!

    I would like to get the other 2....sometime in the distant future $375 they are quite expensive!
  7. I love all the colors but if I had to choose I'd pick Coral! :yes:
  8. Oh! Whoops, sorry then! For some reason I thought there was a pink or suppossed to be one or something of that nature. My bad, sorry, sorry :p Thanks for the correction twiggs! :heart:
  9. My store here still has all three colours ... I have viewed them a few times and prefer the coral:heart:
  10. Another vote for the coral. I like how it pops out more than the other colors.
  11. Coral.. it's a neat design that deserves to be vibrant and eye-catching!
  12. Wowie, looks like the CORAL is very much a favorite so far.

    The poll ends in 3 days .... so I'll give it till then and see what the final results will be.

    Thank You So Much Everybody For Your Votes!! :love:
  13. the coral gets my vote!!
  14. Coral! :yes:
  15. coral gets my vote!! such a stunning color! fresh and unique!! u wont go wrong with it :heart:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.