Trunks and Bags Sunglasses?

  1. Ok, so I have been reading about a few people getting the Trunks and Bags Sunglasses. I love them and want them. Are these special order or like VIP things? Or does anyone know when they will be available in other states? Details people, details!!! Thanks!!
  2. I have them don't know when they'll be available in us but they are offically called Mallia if you need name to equire with mainline
  3. Thanks Label!! I was trying to describe them to my SA who was acting clueless. LOL The name will help!!
  4. Pictures? I don't think I've seen these before. Thanks!
  5. ^^^^
    a pic would be great! I guess LV is really going all-out with the Trunks & Bags logo....i like it!!
  6. Voila
    sunnies side 2.jpg
  7. and code is Z0088W (but I think the W stands for western which is the fits on mine so I guess you can leave the W off)
  8. Thanks for the pic! I've never seen those before.
  9. Those are so hot lol :p
  10. I like these, they're in my store already in both colors. I think my mom wants them lol.
  11. Can I be as bold to ask the retail?
  12. The retail on the Trunks and Bags sunglasses is $525 USD. I love these sunglasses! I have the eastern bridge so that would be an E at the end of the numbers Label Addict printed. My SA did say that these were limited in quantity --- I think she meant seasonal, but not quite sure. In any case, she told me that if I wanted them I ought to get them sooner than later. LOL So I got it to match my bordeaux Mirage Speedy!
  13. Wow they are quite a bit cheaper in Europe mine were 350 Euros which is about $465!

    I tried the pick too but I thought they were a bit strange definately seeing the world through rose tinted specs everything was PINK!
  14. It took a bit getting used to seeing pink through these glasses LOL I love them. Good thing I didn't see the other color (is it black??) or else I would have obsessed over that one, too. :p
  15. Wow i am in love with them.