trunks and bags mini pochette on elux!

  1. new items on elux!
  2. Damn, LV UK online needs to start loading these up!
  3. Ooo Anyone going to get one?
    YEH i wana see them on the Lv uk site :sad:
  4. What are they under? Can you post link? Thank you
  5. I don't think it's there yet...
  6. I couldn't find it....
  7. I dont see it either :sad:
  8. I didn't see it either.
  9. waaah! i wanna seeee!
  10. what is it called on elux officially!?
  11. On ELux, search for "Vuitton mini pouch" and you'll see it in the lineup with the other mini pochette accessories.
  12. Oh, I found it! So cute and I love the inside.
  13. It's adorable!
  14. Oh its so pretty!
    Wonder when its gonna show on the UK LV site?