Trunk Show - Rodeo Drive Store - Today through 9/19!

  1. Don't miss out! If you don't already have an SA there, ask for Barbara Tan and tell her Donna referred you. She's GREAT - sweet, patient, well-educated and thorough. I was there this morning. :tup:
  2. yikes, i can't get to one till next monday at chanel scp! do you have a full report for us??
  3. Gosh, I HOPE I can do justice to what I saw!!! :push:

    There is a new flap called the "Weave". It is small, the size of a 225 or maybe even an East/West - inbetween the two? - and has this interesting "cord weave" pattern where the quilted stitching should be. It's a raised pattern, very very cool, and comes in...brace yourself...Black, CORAL and ROYAL BLUE!!! :yahoo:

    There is also a small and medium sized flap (the medium sized gets wider at the bottom (the base), rather than all over like a 226 reissue? It has new CC hardware, and a darling mesh "Chanel" logo across the bottom of the bag which I thought was great for the times you set the bag down and are afraid to hurt the lambskin. It comes in White, Black and CORAL!!!

    There were new tote bags in white and black, soft lambskin, with lacquer straps? I tried one on and the bag slipped immediately off my shoulder! Great for looks but not very functionable.

    Also, very, very cool zip wallets - in Silver, Gold & Dark Silver.
    One is an extra-large patterned zip - different! The other has CC's on the front and comes in two sizes - medium and large.

    Other than that, I wasn't very impressed? I asked for anything Purple or Pink and was shown a couple of flaps with two-tone piping...I should mention this is only the '08 CRUISE COLLECTION Trunk Show, I kept thinking I'd see some Fall colors. Nope!

    I'm just over the moon for the ROYAL BLUE WEAVE!!! CAN'T WAIT!!:happydance:
  4. thanks so much for the report! i can't wait to see some of these bags in person. the best part about cruise is how whimsical some of the designs/colors can be. i also love the sound of the two-tone piping! i just recently scored a navy tote with blush piping from cruise 07 so i'm hoping there'll be cute things like that for '08 as well.
  5. Thanks for posting! My trunk show isn't until the end of October :tdown:

    I wonder if that "weave" is similar in appearance to the hidden chain ligne? It sounds interesting...

    And I'm excited to see some wallets too. I will firmly be done done done (for now hahaha) after I get a wallet.
  6. Thanks so much for sharing. I will have to pop over and check it out!

    Your description of the weave reminded me of the hidden chain too...I wonder if it is?

    How were the prices? Have they gone up even more??
  7. I wish that I could go! If anyone can post any more information (e.g. prices, style names), I would greatly appreciate it. :smile:

  8. is there a trunk show for the one at scp? and how do u find out about them?
  9. Good report, thanks! :tup:

  10. hi! yes, the one at chanel scp is monday 9/24, all day. My SA told me about it.

  11. Stephanie, I'll try to get a lot of details when I go on Monday!
  12. Could someone please post a pic of the royal blue "cord weave" pattern? Please, please, please?
  13. Rodeo only had the weave in the Coral color...I only found out about the Royal Blue upon asking what other colors it would come in. I about fell over! :nuts:

    I'm sure sooner or later someone will snap a photo of one at another trunk show. One of the Trunk Show specialists (from Corporate) tried to explain what the Royal Blue would look like by showing me a pair of scissors with a blue handle? (ha ha) She said it was a deep, royal blue...sigh...:heart:
  14. Thank you very much for the great info 'oliviamarie'. :tup:

    May I ask 'ldldb', if I don't have a regular SA (I'm a newbie here), can I join the show or do I have to have an invitation?' I really want to go as well. :yes: TIA.
  15. You don't need an invite.
    Can someone post a pic of the coral colored weave flap? And the price, if it isn't too much trouble.