True Religion Jeans Sizing

  1. Hi Girls

    I need your help figuring out what size on True Religion Jeans. I usually buy size 8 on dress pants, shorts and skirts so what size will work for me maybe a 29? Ive never tryed this type of jeans so, do you usually go a size bigger or smaller? TIA
  2. I used to work in a boutique that sold True Religions and they ran quite small, though they did usually stretch out some. It depends on your build - TR always ran small in the booty compared to Citizens or Joe's Jeans. If you're really curvy, you're going to have to order up. I'm sure different styles of TR run differently, but when I was working at the boutique I wore a size 8 in pants, about a size 29-30 in jeans depending on the style, and I couldn't even get into a size 32 in TR. My booty is too big!
  3. In my experience, TR jeans always run small...I've had to size up two sizes in some styles.

    I would just try some with stretch, and you're probably good with a 29...but just go into the store and try them on and get an idea....

    All jeans run differently. <.<
  4. depends on the style, wash, rigid/stretch, etc. which pair are you looking at?
  5. I was thinking maybe a low rise bootcut pant .... i have no @$$ at all, even thought my BF says I do, and Im a little in the curvy side....Which department stores carry this jeans?
  6. eBay has some good deals, and usually the sellers will include measurements.

    Just measure your perfect fit pair of jeans against the measurements in the auction, and you should get pretty close.

    Beware of fakes ...
  7. TR Stretch jeans - buy the smallest size you can squeeze into.
    TR Rigid - buy a size or two down
  8. legaldiva -Well believe it or not .... I do not own a pair of jeans right now..... is too hot in AZ ... i only buy them in the winter time then I get ride of them... i know i should keep them for the next winter but they usually do not fit me anymore ...

    336 - how much does the strech pants strech?

    I guess the best is to go try a pair on.... so where can I find them? NM, Saks?
  9. Sizing for True Religion really depends on the style and the wash. They are not very consistent. For example, I have light-colored Bobby jeans in a size 25 that are still too snug and dark-colored Joey jeans in a size 24 even though both are stretch. I recently tried on dark-colored Stella jeans in a 24 that were too roomy! Definitely try them on; I'm sure the sales associates will be more than happy to accommodate you as you try on varying sizes in a style. Jeans should fit snug to allow for future stretching but you should be able to breathe and zip them up still.

    High-end department stores such as Neiman, Saks, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales will all have a nice selection of True Religion. If you're buying online I'd recommend Revolve Clothing; they have a huge variety and offer free shipping and free return shipping so you don't have to fear sending anything back that doesn't fit. E-bay has some great deals but many a fake, so I wouldn't recommend it to a first-time buyer.
  10. On the stretch pair I go down a size, non-stretch true to size for me.
  11. Thx alot girls.... I will go to NM and try some on and get an idea......
  12. definitely go down a size for the stretch denim. Also, sizes vary from style to style! i wear 24 in the "billy" style, and 25 in the "julie" style. Best to try them on!
  13. Sizing will vary by style (Joey, Bobby, Billy, Johnny, Julie, Stevie, Ella, etc. etc.), wash, and fabric content. Your best bet is to try them on in store. FYI, TR rises are verrrrry low. If you're not used to it, it may take some time to get used to. My hips are my problem area, so I size up 1 in TR to accommodate my hips.

    You should be able to find TR at some higher-end department stores -- NM, Saks, Nordstrom, and Bloomie's. Some Macy*s carries them, as well as some discount outlets -- Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack, NM Last Call, Century 21, etc.

  14. I definitely would suggest trying on each pair. The fit has so much to do with what size you are. I range from a 30-32 depending on the fit of the TR, so it's hard to say. Good luck!