True Kooba lovers...

  1. we should all rename/name our future pets KOOBA!!
    I know I want a dog and I'm definitely nameing it Kooba when I adopt LOL...:roflmfao: I think Kooba is a perfect dog name :smile:
  2. I have dogs named Kooba, Prada and Coco Chanel so far! :yes:
  3. ^^^
  4. Now why didn't I think of that when I got my two Shelties? Great names. Gryson would be a good name for a male dog, too.
  5. Awww cute! I had a cat once named other two cats, Gwen and Chaucer are really old - but it'd be fun to name them like Lucy and Marcelle!
    Hey!!! I just realized one of my doggies is name "Charlie!" :tup: His buddy is "Tess" Koobas named Tess. I'll call her "Lucy" for short (haha - not really)...
  6. I have a Gucci...My Miniature Poodle. She was going to be Chanel because her Mom's name was Coco but I liked Gucci better. But most people think it's spelled "Gootchie" !!! Only My Vet got it. I said her name and he said "Oh, like the designer".
  7. Believe it or not, my DH wanted to name the last dog we bought kooba, but he already had a name (Rico), and as he was a show dog at 6 mos. old, I didn't want to rename him. My bad. The next male puppy int the family will be kooba though:yes:
  8. Okay, so who's got a pet named Balenciaga?

    I always wanted a blue point Siamese and had every intention of calling it Gucci. Instead I ended up with a very big, fat British Blue Shorthair, but I don't think Jessie, Jillian or Renee would suit him or, for that matter, Jimmy Choo!

    Kooba - now that's nice, but with five cats, I don't think there will be any extra pets coming my way.
  9. We're getting ready to breed our female merle Sheltie so .... think I'll give the puppies a few of those as "temporary" names ... Kooba, Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, Gryson. Had a bengal cat who died of old age last year - broke my heart - we called her Gizmo, Gizzie for short.
  10. Ya'll are just tooooooo much!!! This is better than TV! Then I even remembered that my niece had a cat named Fendi!!! My cat was...Cat! OMG I need help. No wonder I can't make up my mind on my first Kooba!

  11. I love that idea! No pets in my house, but someday I'll have one and its name will be Kooba. How cute!