Trouville-- Often faked?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am looking into getting my first Louis Vuitton purse and am looking on ebay and just wondering if this bag is often faked. Is the monogram faked? What about the multicolour?

    Thanks for your help! Lisa
  2. Most bags are often faked... :crybaby:

    If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask authenticity questions in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" Sticky above. ;)
  3. I have the white mc trouville. I haven't seen another one around where I live. I've seen a fake white mc alma, and a fake white mc long alma (not made). I think the other styles are faked more than the trouville.
  4. I think the entire MC line is faked often....but amongst these bags, MC Speedy 30 and the Alma are the worst. As for the other bags, well, I rarely see authentic ones, so fakes for these are like non-existent in my area where I live.
  5. I'd say that though the MC fakes are pretty done to death, the difference is really huge between a fake and the real thing.

    I've seen mostly auth white MCs but it's actually the black MC fakes that I see more on teens.
  6. I just saw a fake white mc trouville last week, it was awful.. other than that the mc almas are often faked too.
  7. Has anyone seen any Trouville superfakes? I know the colour scheme to look for on the white bags but should I be cautious with these?

    I figured there probably weren't as many fakes with this bag as the speedy and the alma......
  8. Yes I have seen a trouville super fakes in both the MC and Mono. You have to really know Louis Vuitton to tell the difference. Fakers are getting better at it so be careful.
  9. I agree with simplyprincess! In another group I'm in, someone had posted a picture of one of those superfakes and it was amazing how close it was. Once you saw the inside it was a giveaway but it's crazy how close they can get. And I've also seen some that are pathetic either the fakes of the Trouville are *really* good or *really* bad.
  10. I See Trouvilles All The Time ~ It's One Gorgeous Bag!!!!! :smile: .....I Have Definitely Seen Fakes & Super Fakes (Both MC & Mono).

    As John Suggested, Post In The Authentication Section.