Trouble need your input .

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  1. hello everyone this is my very first thread in the chanel section so yay me :yahoo:. Well here is my situation i just found the glasses that ive been searching online and this forum the 5120 and i know they dont fit just anyone so i went to Saks and they had them and guess what not to sound cocky but they looked hot on me lol. so my debate is should i get them but here are the dilemas Ive recently splurged ALOT this month (my birthday month) i mean like 5 LVs and just recently ( yesterday a 400$ vernis cosmetic case ) so should i just forget it and dont get them or heck just go right now and spend those $325 plus 7% chanel sunglasses. I know its a long rant but i do need words of wisdom and good points before i make anther splurge. Another thing i forgot to mention im starting to save money we are planing to start a family soon.(how soon just got off the pill, sorry for being blunt) So here goes Please help me . Thanks for reading this long long rant :flowers:
  2. I'd say no, don't get them.

    I don't know what kind of money you have but the message I'm getting is you don't really need to be spending on another frivoulous luxury item.
  3. hi booga, 1st of all, happy belated birthday :biggrin:

    IMO, i think that a little splurge on a sunglasses is ok if u still can afford it. because people don't bu lots of sunglasses, it's a one piece u can worn for a long time.
  4. It's hard to say without knowing your financial situation, but if you say you are saving for a baby, I guess I'd say skip it for now.
  5. :welcome: happy belated B-day! You point out the the Pomme cosmetic was one of your purchase, TBH, the sunnie will be more useful than that :yes:, thought about return it for the sunnie instead?
  6. Thanks for the advice i still have not made my decision. by monday i need to make it. I tell me hubby, maybe for our 3 yr anniversary to get them but thats in Oct . AGH im so confused.
  7. Cute dog get the glasses you know want them lol :smile:
    and if u don't they might not be around
  8. Hmmmm .... if you are voicing your concern here, I think deep down in your heart you know what you should do ..... I'll say DON"T BUY ..... wait for a couple of months, when your finances are better, go back to the boutique if it's still there and if you still love it, get them then ... if not then it's just not meant to be, there'll always be another pair of TDF glasses .... and 5120 has been out for a while, my guess is they should still be around a while more.

    to add: and if you really want to buy it, return one or two of your purchases this month.
  9. id say buy them :tup::graucho:;):supacool::yes: if it makes u happy get it, thats what i always say. but as far as finances go, only u know what u can get away with :upsidedown: u probably shuldnt get em if ur budget is tight right now... otherwise go 4 it :okay:
  10. If you love the sunnies enough to return something else, then do so. Sunglasses protect the eyes. If there is a trip you wish to take, do so before having a baby. Once you have it, it's a lot harder. And slightly off the purse topic but for anyone thinking of having a baby, have you added up day care, diapers, medical expenses, and last but certainly not least, savings for their college tuition? If you have and can afford to have the baby, congrats -- it's something most do not factor in ahead of time.
  11. I do not know how well Chanel sunnies are made so if I did not have expendible cash I might wait.
  12. Happy belated birthday!

    I would consider if you already have sunglasses that you like or not. For me, most sunglasses just don't look good on me so if I found the right pair, I would snatch it up. But Chanel glasses will be around in a few months if it's popular so don't worry if you need time to catch up on bills.
  13. get them... while you can, once the baby comes things will change...
    keep them for a few weeks or even months and if change your mind you can always take them back...
    sounds like you are enjoying yourself right now and making the most out of everything you are doing....enjoy the glass...and post pics when you get them
  14. go for it. i have a pair of chanels sunglasses and don't regret purchasing them at all. i've dropped them twice and they still have held up well. the quality is all there.
  15. I have them and love them and I think that you should wait if you just spent all of that money and are planning a family.