Trouble deciding which purse to carry

  1. Do any of you have a hard time changing purses? I am still using my black (read: winter) purse.

    So, it's time to change, but I don't use a different purse everyday. I use one for a while (4 mths), so I am struggling on which one to use next. Just wondered if I was the only one. I mean there are bigger issues in the world, right?:shrugs:
  2. I have this trouble, too, which is more difficult since I've added a few new ones to my collection (thanks for all the enabling, tpf sisters). I just get pretty busy with work and kids and don't always have time to switch out. I'd love to use my Ali all the time but it feels heavy for summer at times so I usually use my large braided hobo. I just got a legacy hippie bag so that is likely to become my next go-to bag for awhile.

    Are you looking for something new or trying to decide which one to try? If you have one you haven't used in awhile, break her out and mix things up a bit!
  3. I don't like changing either, but in the summer I love to carry my Hampton's tote from the outlet because it is lined in PVC that is waterproof and easy to clean...
  4. I'm too lazy to change my bag to match my outfit. *L* Although, my outfit is the same every single day (jeans+tshirt+sneakers) so I guess it wouldn't be difficult. I tend to stick with the same bag for a long time too. The last one was my black sig large Carly, then it was Whiskey Ali, now it's the Ergo large Vintage leather tote.

    You aren't alone. :smile:
  5. I have three brand new bags, still with tags, waiting to be used. I had all three out last night, looking them over and just couldn't commit, so I put them back in the dust cover, in the shopping bag and back on the shelf.

    Signature stripe tote, brown
    Ali Hippy, off white (not sure of official color)
    Last one, don't know style, it's a celery colored leather.
  6. I make an effort to rotate all my bags - they get lonely if I don't. When I notice I am avoiding one of my bags - off to eBay she goes.
  7. I know... I'm still carrying my black Carly. My only other bag is my Holiday Duffle. I plan to look for a nice summer purse when I go to the outlet in July... sigh!
  8. i change my bag at least once a week.
  9. My friends make fun of me because I always change my purse to match my outfit. I think that's the fun part of loving handbags!
  10. Go with either the hippie or the celery colored bag (I'm assuming it's the soho hobo in pear--is it a newer one or an outlet bag?) next....I think either one of those would be good for the season.
  11. I changed my bag every day till I got my new Crimson Signature Stripe Tote. I've been carrying it with EVERYTHING and I really have to start carrying my other Coach bags again, I've carried this almost 2 weeks straight and that's long enough! :roflmfao:
  12. I change my bags almost every day. I have a wide range of colors so it's easy to switch up to match my outfits.
  13. I too try to change my bag daily. I feel they all need some love. Plus I love all the comments on my beauties!!! Of course, since I got the Ergo hobo last week I'm hangin' on to her for a while. My SIL matches all her outfits, I mean, head to toe with her bags...pretty funny when I got to the outlet with her. She'll get 2-4 bags and then off to the store, macy's or marshalls to find the shoes!!!
  14. I switch weekly, sometimes every few days. At work I am usually in jeans so pretty much anything goes handbag wise.

    I've been using my LV Damier Azur pochette the last few days, but will switch to my Sig Stripe Black/White tote by the weekend. With the upcoming arrival of Ms. Patent Leather Ergo Hobo (next Thursday :yahoo:), the accessory switch won't be too bad. LOL.
  15. My Chelsea Satchel is stored for the winter (Mahogany). I'll be switching Ali's white, black, brown, turquoise ergo, and definately have to use (last years) metallic optic hobo.