Trophy bag- worth full price?

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  1. Hi everyone-

    I've been lusting over the TCP Trophy bag and wondered if it's really worth paying full price for or if I should risk waiting for a sale. I'd also love if anyone with the TCP would comment on how they like the color/texture. I have a Lorca in ICP and I love it! I'm new to the forum, so sorry if this has been discussed previously.
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  3. Hey Chicabee and welcome to the forum!

    I think the Trophy is gorgeous in the TCP, but it's your call if it's worth full price or not. I'm sure you and most people would like to get anything they wanted at a deal/steal KWIM? The Trophies were was at an excellent discount during the last few HH sales so I'd hold out until they're at least 60% off. However, I'd check the 'bay and ecrater because you can probably get a good deal in the meantime.
  4. The bag is so dreamy, but it's not worth full price IMO. Worth half it's price, though.

  5. Thanks for the pics! The color looks much more orange in these pics than on the HH website, which looks more tan/caramel. Which is a more accurate representation of the color?
  6. Thanks for the welcome! I really hate that I didn't get this during one of the recent sales. I'd definitely rather wait, but it looks like this color won't be available in the future, and only 3 are left!
  7. I think chodessa's pics are pretty accurate. My pics look a bit oversaturated. I think the consensus has been that this bag/color is much nicer IRL than in the HH pics, which are a bit dull. It really is a very rich, caramel color.

    I agree with novella, 60% off is more reasonable for this bag. I would hold off for ebay, there have been several up over the past month and I bet one will pop up at some point.
  8. Thanks everyone for your input! I think I'll just wait for a sale...if I miss this one, I'm sure I can find something else equally fabulous!:rolleyes:
  9. That's the truth! There is def. no shortage of fabulous HH bags! And the fact that it's not tooo hard to score them at a great price makes them even better!
  10. I got the Trophy for my mother, and although it is a lovely bag, I don't think it is worth full price though. Half, it is. But it really is your call and taste!
  11. I just got my GZ trophy and concur with everything the other ladies said...not worth full price and it will likely go on sale again through HH or ebay.
  12. Chicabee, for less than half price ($300) you could get a Grey Zeus Trophy + two bonuses. Not sure if you're interested in this colour at all, but the seller is a trusted and très chic tPFer and this is amazing value.
  13. I looked at this earlier and noticed at the bottom the seller says to make an offer. So you may be able to get it for even a few dollars less.

  14. Thanks! I'll definitely check this out!
  15. I have the BZ trophy and the tan crinkle patent trophy. I ordered the GZ trophy at the very end of the impromptu sale HH had to get rid of store returns. My first two trophy bags were earlier sales and were pristine in condition. The GZ was definately a store return and one that had been displayed on a peg hook. The handles have an indentation where the weight of the bag pulled the handles down over the hook and dented the rolled handles. It was a bit roughed in spots from being on display in that store. But that was OK, because I paid $169 knowing I was taking that chance and still feel I got a great product for the price.

    The reason I am saying this is because those last three TCP may be from that same store return batch. Which at a reduced price is worthy, but I would hesitate to pay full price. I would not stop on your quest for the tan patent. It is not orangey. It is a beautiful caramel color or dark golden topaz (if you are more into gems than sweets LOL). I think the leather swirl detail on the front pocket shows up more in this color than on the other two. Of the previous season colors, I would say it is the best year round color -easily moving into spring and summer.

    Would I consider the GZ or TCP worth $678 if neither had been older stock? Yes. I think the trophy is comparable or surpasses other $700 luxury bags on the market. However, I will confess I tend to follow the Mies van der Rohe principle of "Less is More". Meaning I want more for less and will hang in, spending mucho hours sale shopping, to get my $700 luxury bag of choice for deep reduction. :okay:

    I use to never contemplate spending $200 on a handbag, much less $700 or more. But then came the closet cleanout day when I realized how many $80 bags I had gone through in one year. Adding them up, I could have bought one spectacular 4-digit handbag. Instead I had a half dozen cheap bags that didn't make it through one year without frayed edges, jammed zippers, and torn handles. I had spent $1000 on stuff that within 12 months was in too bad of shape to give to the Salvation Army. Made me re-think my handbag dollar. I now consider a $300 handbag that will last a decade a much better investment.

    I am already saving up for when the summer blue trophy bag comes online. I am even more excited to see HH do the style in leathers other than just the Zeus or Patents. I wonder if having 5 trophy bags would be too many of the same? Hmmm....

    jc0812: Have you used your GZ yet? I was disappointed when I opened the box. The GZ doesn't ship well and doesn't show well out of the box. After I stuffed it and reshaped it a few days, I fell head over heals for her the first wearing. She will grow on you.