Trip to the outlet and nice saving

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  1. So yesterday I went to the outlet to get a price adjustment for a previous purchase I made. I asked nicely to the SA and if it was possible to get the 20% off and she went to asked her manager. So they did it for me which saved me $85 yayyyy
    Also my boyfriend bought me a nice wallet I was eyeing long ago. The fucsia Peyton MFF with the legacy lining!!! That checkbook wallet is tdf. I love the smell of leather. I'll post pics later.
    I was able to get the berry garnet for much less that I paid for at macys. So today I'm going to return the $260 garnet to Macys. I saved oer $120.!!!!
  2. Really Awesome savings and great new items..
  3. I love the feeling of a solid price adjustment... congrats! It always pays off to be bold and courteous (a good combination!).

    And I loooove Peytons. You're so lucky your outlet got the MFF fuschias!
  4. Awesome deal!
  5. Thanks ladies! Like someone said before it always good to ask. Also I want to thanks those ones who told me to take the bags with me to get the price adjustment, otherwise I it wouldn't have been possible
  6. It never hurts to ask. The worse they can do is say no. Sometimes I wish I had the nerve to ask. There have been a couple times I missed an extra 20% off because I forgot to print out a coupon. That's awesome that you saved so much Maes!
  7. Awesome!
  8. Awesome! I want to see pics! :drool:
  9. Does anyone know what the MFF Peyton's are going for??? I want one in fushia!!!

    Congrats on the price adjustment, my outlet won't do that!!!
  10. that is awesome u saved so much!

    you are lucky your outlet did it. most won't infact one time i bought a green peyton for $350 and a coupon came out the NEXT day so i took it back, and they said no price adjustments so i returned it and bought a gold one for $280 duh!!
  11. The Peyton is going for $359!

    And yes I was lucky they allowed me to do that, thanks to the forum I wouldn't have done it
  12. *twitch* Oooh I can't wait to see that wallet! And that's great that they did that adjustment for you too.