Trip to Copenhagen

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  1. Hello! Me and my husband are taking our first trip to Copenhagen in August. (We will also be in Berlin for a day.) Any tips on places to stay, places to eat, things to see? Places to shop? TIA!
  2. Save your money for shopping in Berlin, everything is super expensive in Copenhagen - unless you want something specifically Scandinavian that you can only get there. Eating wise, definitely try - Nordic cuisine done extremely well for half of prices elsewhere. Torvehallerne are a good place to be for foodies as well as the Cph meat packing district. For things to see it depends what you guys feel like doing, if you tell me more what you like and what your travel style is, I can give you more tips about both places :smile:.
  3. I personally did not think Copenhagen was particularly expensive, Paris yes, but Copenhagen? No surprises.
    We stayed at Hotel SP34.. would recommend, very scandi, good prices and happy hour on an evening. Has a fabulous organic Danish continental breakfast.
    Sticks 'n' Sushi is a great restaurant, you take your shoes off and the Sushi is great - they have a great rooftop bar too!
    What else..Tivoli gardens is a must, even if you don't do themeparks (I don't but the gardens are beautiful).
    Don't waste your time going to see the Mermaid.. she's so tiny and the view behind isn't great, didn't see the point in that one.

    Hope that helps a little, enjoy! It's a beautiful place and the people are extremely friendly and so happy.
  4. Check out for everything Europe.
  5. Thanks everyone for the tips! I am having a blast here so far. I actually find some things are less expensive here than in FL. Tomorrow I plan on going to the modern art museum. :smile: