Trip to Chi-Town Chooville

  1. Tomorrow - during what appears to be the coldest week in a year (-8 on Sat. :wtf: ) - I will be traveling to a Jimmy Choo boutique in the middle of the a city right near a lake named after another state...where it is *windy* Can you guess?

    I'll finally meet Casey, the most wonderful Choo SA in the universe. Plus I'll get to see all the new S/S 08 bags. I hope the Saba in pony is there.

    I'll be taking my burgundy biker Radiant along. I wanted to take a Ramona, but the Radiant is much more secure with that big center pocket. Plus, the straps are a bit longer and it fits over a winter coat least for we fluffy gals.

    For the next few days, I won't be around to read all the exiting new threads, or to keep Stinkerbelle in check. But when I get back, I hope to have some tales to tell. :graucho:
  2. Jburgh - have a wonderful trip! Chicago is one of my favorite cities even at it's coldest!
  3. Have a safe, and hopefully very fruitful, trip!
  4. Have a safe, fun trip. Hope you're bringing your JC boots to keep you warm, too!:heart:
  5. -8 :wtf::shocked::shocked:

    Have a great trip and when you defrost let us know how it goes.
    Oh - take a pic of you and Casey!!!
  6. jburgh,travel safely and have a wonderful time!
  7. Sounds like fun! Take lots of pics, if you can, and wear gloves. Not for the cold, but for the heat that will surely smoke off your credit card...:biggrin:
    I can't wait to read the follow-up report. :yes:
  8. have fun!!! :yahoo:say hi to casey for me!:flowers:

    oh, and i'll keep stinker in check for you.....NOT!:p
    stinker? where are you? come on out:okay:...the coast is clear...:graucho:
  9. Safe travel and have fun!! I love shopping miracle mile in chicago. Never been to the Choo there.
  10. You hope to have some tales to tell? I just hope Mick, Bonnie, Abi and the rest of us don't have to schlep to the coldest city in the US to bail you and Ethel out of whatever fine mess you get yourselves into! :sos:

    But don't worry, Mick and I will hold down the fort while you're gone.....ohhhh Miiiick.....break into Mom and Dad's liquor cabinet and let's get this party started!!!! :drinkup::tispy::drinkup:

    Seriously....I hope you and Robyn have a wonderful trip and do be careful, be safe, dress warm, take photos, and bring back lots of Choo!! :choochoo:
  11. ^^:woohoo::drinkup::woohoo:!!!!
  12. Speaking of Cold.. it's around 3 degrees where I am at. Oh well. Gotta love the snow :noworry:.

    :smooch: Bye Jburgh and Robyn! (this smiley is just tooo cute, I think it's new!) Safe travels.. Be careful. Have fun in Chicago! ;)

    Stinker and Mick - are we ready yet?:drinkup::drinks::tispy::party: Let's go!!
  13. Take pics of all three of you and maybe a couple of Choos! I went to NY in the middle of winter one year and froze my west coast butt off! Now I know why they wear long coats back east...burrrrrr.
    If you get in any trouble, call me and I'll bring Mack, swing by and pick up Albert and Tuck and we will come get our west coast girl!!!!
    Can't you just see me dragging old Mack and Albert with Tucker running around like crazy????
  14. IF they get into any trouble??? Are you serious? This is Lucy and Ethel we're talking about! :push:

    JM, if I were you I'd keep the motor running for the next few days cuz I think you're gonna be makin' a road trip! :lol:
  15. Jm - If you need reinforcement - count me in!:okay::biggrin: