Trio Pouch

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  1. I think your perspective is great and fun! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have one but have never commented (if I did, I don't remember) on this thread until now. I love these little pouches and I have the original version but will hold on to it because I adore the way it looks with my Triangle Softy bag. I don't care that the lining doesn't go down to the bottom on the square pouch because if it did, I would have a hard time getting my cards outs, so for me it's perfect. I use the round coin purse for coins, the square pouch for cards, and the long, rectangular pouch for cash. I love to hear and see how others are utilizing theirs!!!! I've wanted LV to do something like this for about 2 years before it even came out so I'm a happy camper over here!
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    Thank you for the kindest of words Starbux32,
    I have a wonderful assortment of luxury pouches and coin pouches from every luxury designer, Cartier, Thom Browne, Burberry, LV, Gucci, Tiffany& Co, and use them for everything but coins. I use them for my Altoids mini mints tin, travel facial tissue, BBW mini fragrant hand sanitizers, gum, etc. Really nice to have luxury holders for things. It saddens me when I see a woman expensive shoes, wonderful designer outfit with an expensive designer luxury bag and it is junky with random paper, balled up used tissue paper, pen marks in the lining, hair, etc. I try not to look when a woman opens her bag, but somehow you can't help but to notice. My Wife is so guilty of this, I just smile and love her. lol
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  3. You're welcome and thank you as well. Lol, I used to identify with your wife, but since LV, I've started organizing the insides of my bags!:biggrin:
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  4. I returned mine today. I love, love, love pouches but I just couldn’t justify this set. If they were slightly larger or perhaps the lining went all the way to the bottom it might have been different. But for this price point it just wasn’t worth it for me...
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  5. Indeed they are very pretty but I think you made the right decision. SLGs have to be functional otherwise, they’d just be costly yet unnecessary junk taking up space inside your bag.
  6. Hilarious and Awesome
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  7. I hear ya... you have the right to change your mind... when you go back to repurchase, I won't judge you... lol
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  8. Another valid point... they do take up space.
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  9. I returned mine...the feeling was just not sitting right. Too much hardware...leather prone to quick wear - keeping the monogram Neonoe in caramel in its place.
  10. The TP is now available to order online. Even though all NA stores are closed, the warehouse is still shipping online orders out! Just FYI in case us self-isolaters are doing some online shopping!
  11. I just love these comments. Sometimes the real magic is in the smaller gestures. I love the artistry and beauty of SLGs and smaller pieces. The idea of "everything has a place", and "a place for everything" really resonates with me. I love constantly adding/subtracting/rearranging/repurposing SLGs for my bags. It can really amount to a total makeover.
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  12. Hi Hermezzy,(love the handle by the way)
    Thank you for responding in kind and with positivity. I see "WE" are cut from the same cloth... lol. I do love adding/subtracting/rearranging/repurposing in every facet of life, clothing, home, friends, etc. It's the little things that adds that special touch to anything. It's like turning an ordeal into an adventure. Every item has a different and varied story... their genesis begin one way and their revelation ends up somewhere so far off the beaten path but essentially works for the better, with room to grow, and always a way back home so to speak. Please share some of your ideas and post away. I could use some inspiration through these troubling times.
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  13. I actually have purchased a few LV items in the last month and was considering starting a new thread with an instant reveal...
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  14. Awesome and Awesome idea... I am still considering getting the LV PM agenda, but haven't committed. I have the Hermes Vision II Agenda and the Hermes Ulysse GM Notebook in orange leather... they are both amazing, however, I really don't use them like I thought I would, it's more of a show off items when I am at a meeting (most people don't even know it's Hermes, or even what Hermes is, but the few that does, gives me a nod. Let me know when the premiere of your LV reveal will be opening... I'll go pop some popcorn and enjoy the Oscar Award winning show !
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  15. Aww you are too kind! I'm trying to decide if I want to take the dive and get my first petite malle at the moment... Thoughts?
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