Trio Pouch

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  1. Oooh that’s nice! Could you please post some photos?
  2. I picked mine up yesterday and it has the new clasp too!
    I wanted to check whether the lining on mine goes all the way down...and it doesn’t...on any of them! The large pouch doesn’t even go all the way to the sides so it’s both shorter and less tall than it looks. Same with the RCP. Anyone else have the lining issue with the new version??
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I just checked and none of mine go all the way down either. Frustrating as they are already quite small. I pointed to where mine seem to stop. I imagine because the interior is leather they cut them shorter. Wish they would have done a black textile lining inside instead that went all the way to the bottom.

    I’m on the fence about keeping them because of this. If they were a lower price point it would be a no- brainer but it just seems silly now since I can barely fit anything in them.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. #231 Mar 6, 2020
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    To keep or return....
  7. Thanks for posting a photo of the new strap.
    It’s adorable but I’d probably return if it’s not functional at all for you. This is also why I passed up on this, although I am still tempted, tbh.
    Is it just the rectangle pouch that the lining does not go all the way down or all three? Can’t you maybe check with your boutique and exchange?
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  8. Do you think LV will switch the straps for the newer version with the clip if you have the original strap?
  9. I think mine are going back. They’re already so small and this just makes it worse!
  10. I could see the functionality of the new clasp but in my opinion it looks odd I prefer the original round ring.
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  11. I texted my CA to ask this. Still waiting to hear back.
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  12. I’m all over the map...I repurchased the trio after convincing myself that I needed it when it looked like it became discontinued for a minute. I have also recently purchased an onthego mm and a caramel neonoe. I don’t want to keep all three but can’t decide which I should return. Any thoughts?
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  13. Hi, I'm a dude... I carry a Gucci portfolio or use my Gucci Supreme Patch Tote. I love the trio pouches to hold things, I use the smallest one to hold the Altoids mini mints tin, the medium size one to hold travel facial tissue pack, and the large one I haven't decided on what to use it for as of yet. From my periphery, I love to watch people watching me take out my mini LV pouch, unsnap it open to take out the Altoid mini mints tin to offer and/or to take in a mint, and or facial tissue. I know it's a lot of money to hold a $1.99 mints in, and for $1.00 travel facial tissue, and looks wonderful in your bag when you open it... presentation is everything !
  14. Keep em all...Heck, buy more of these items ! Use one for mini Post-it pads, gum, mints, tissue, receipts, chapstick, lip baum, lip stick, coins, help organize stuff in your bag, so that everything doesn't collect at the bottom of your bag and to keep your bag organized, neat, clean and stylish. Every item will have it's own luxury designer carrying case so to speak, etc. So when you are searching for an item, and have to pull out a few things or everything to look for one thing, it will look great when your bag is open, and when you are pulling out one luxury accessory after another to look for the item of choice, you are giving your captive audience a luxury designer accessory fashion show (you would be surprised to know how many people's eyes zoom in on you and your open bag, especially at the checkout line in a grocery store or at a restaurant, or when you are just going for your phone at the office or on a date) They are gonna judge and talk, so give them something to judge and talk about. Even if you don't care to show off, you will have your own secret style and sense of nobility and your own personal moment to enjoy. .... Enjoy your trio(s), make them make sense... make them make great fashion sense.
  15. Keep... as soon as you get rid of it, you will realize that you could have used it for something special, then you are going to go back to try to acquire and can't get a hold of it.