trinity or rolling rings

  1. hi!

    i really love the look of the cartier trinity and the memoire rolling rings. if any of you have one and can post a hand shot it would be most appreciated. :yes:
  2. I love them too. Right now I'm waiting for mine to arrive.
  3. oh i am so happy for you. i would really love to see it. i like the channel set diamond but have not seen any on the hand. i once had a plain one all the same color but it was a bit loose and i lost it.

    i have read that the memoire brand are very well made, and they unlike cartier, make platinum so i am interested in that brand but at this point it is just a want so we will see.
  4. Personally price no object then Cartier all the way but considering that Cartier one costs 2.5x more (catalogue says ~$925 in London), I am thinking hard, LOL.

    Actually can I rephrase that again? The engraving of the word 'Cartier' on the pink gold ring is the deal breaker for me because although the name is hot, I don't want to be a walking logo advertisement!
  5. Well I'll be happy to post some pics when it arrives.
    I didn't understand that you were talking only about Cartier ring, and actually mine is not Cartier. It's another jeweler, name I don't remember. It's made of white gold. I think it will be pretty too. As for Cartier, I really want to ger the trinity with diamonds, maybe some time soon... :smile:
  6. hi karo!

    i was not just talking about cartier rings. in fact, i will not be buying cartier for a couple of reasons. i need platinum and they don't make it and the price is pretty high for what you are getting. i don't need the name just a quality product.

    i actually want to go memoire. their site explains their construction process and you can select the quality of the stones. they also do platinum.

    i am still open on what i want to do and would welcome information about your ring and how you liked the vendor. i will watch for your pics. thanks!
  7. Oh that's great. I'll post some pics, as soon as I get it. Actually I'm waiting for it to arrive and I think it will be next week. I bought it in France so I'm waiting and waiting.
    I didn't want the Cartier one, because I really don't like that there's the name engraved on it. Although I love the tricolor one with diamonds.
  8. i'll being watching for it. i think you will love it. i so want to see hand pics.
  9. My ring finally arrived last week, but I really didn't have time to take pics before, so here they are.
    P1040667.JPG P1040670.JPG P1040674.JPG
  10. Two better pics.
    P1040683.JPG P1040686.JPG
  11. thanks for posting the pics! it looks great. :yes:
  12. Ohhh I love your ring Karo! I have loved these kinds of rings for years. One day I would love a diamond tricolor ring. But since I do not have the money for that right now I recently bought one for $156 off of the Ross Simons site. Here's the link:
    14kt Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Interlocking Ring With Diamond Accents. Si Ze 9

    They had also had a tricolor ring (w/out diamonds) from the estate collection that I liked. I also found the site, I have not heard any personal reviews, but they had quite a few rings I liked! also some great ones, including the Memoire line.
  13. wow i would totally buy that at $156 but what is the quality like? what is ross simon is the stuff good quality?
    please let me know!! !:smile: thansk!
  14. RS is hit or miss quality. I bought a charm bracelet there a few years ago which was great. Then I bought one for a friend who was in my wedding--same bracelet, three years later--much different. Thinner charm, lighter metal. They do take things back and depending on where you are--they have stores, too

    Affordable Jewelry & Luxury Gifts - Ross-Simons Stores
  15. Thanks for the caution. I found out about the site from Pricescope, so I am assuming that they must be good overall. I share the ring when I get it!