Trim bag prices

  1. Hi, i've searched on the forum but can anyone either inform me or send me a link with information on prices for trim bags? there's so much info, yet not a lot published on Hermes handbags, it's hard for me to make a decision!

    i found a 31cm trim yesterday that retails for $3850. but it being my first trim bag that i ever saw, i'm not sure where the price falls, is it average priced, or too expensive, less expensive. i don't know what leather it is, but i can describe that it's soft and "smooshy" (can i use the word smooshy next to Hermes?). the SA was not willing to inform me, but my thoughts are truly on that bag.
  2. Mine is the Trim I (no gusset, no zipper at the top) in Toile/Barenia and it cost $3,300.00. I'm guessing yours is the Trim II in maybe Togo? $3,850.00 sounds about right then. Gorgeous will love it and use it a LOT!!!!!
  3. 35 cm Trim II in Clemence was $3,700. Soft and smooshy you say? Was it textured or smooth leather, sheen or no sheen? I know that the Trim II is definitely pricier in Evergrain and Chevre.
  4. Trim II in Barenia is $4200
  5. If you want a smooshy Trim, for the II in Clemence.
    I love my Trim!!
  6. okay, so i did it. i took the plunge and bought my first hermes ever... yes the trim bag. i believe it's gold clemence, which retailed for 3850. i was choosing between the evergrain in havana and ebene, which actually was around 4075, and the gold... although i loved the color of havana, the SA said more likely i could get year round use of the gold color. plus i was having a hard time with the silver hardware on the havana... the gold had gold hardware, which just is so lovely.

    so i went with it. it's the trim II i think... it has a zipper. let's see how it goes!! i love that jackie o owned this style. not that i can ever emanate her, but she believed in quality!
  7. Congratulations. That is a fabulous bag and you will get a lot of use out of it.
  8. Congratulations!!! Can we see pictures???
  9. Congratulations on your first Hermes bag. I think you made a great choice for a bag you will never tire of. Happy, happy for you.
  10. Anyone know how much a TRIM I in evergrain is???
  11. Congratulations, babyhart! What a spectacular first Hermes bag! I love the Trim - it is such a uesful and stylish bag - can't wait to see pics!
  12. I'm with Katel! I want to see pics too please...
  13. pictures!! and congrats!!!! :dothewave:
  14. babyhart, you adopted a Gold Clemence Trim with Gold h/w?? OMG, what could be more beautiful! I love gold clemence:drool:

    Modeling pics, pleeeze??
  15. Congrats and pic please.