Tried to see if this thread existed, i didnt find it SO PICS OF YOU MODELING THE ALI!

  1. :smile: i would love love love to see people wearing their Alis (and to know how tall you are)

    And is it heavy?!!

    I have a new found love in this bag and i havent ever seen it on someone, ive looked all over the coach forum and i cant find a pic of it on someone soooo :smile: PLEASE POST YOUR PICS i would love :heart: to see them!!!!!

    Are you in love with the bag and was it worth the high price tag!!! :smile: these are what i need to know

    thanks so much in advance ladies you rock!!!!:jammin: :yahoo:
  2. I have a post #600 in "your coach collection" I'm 5'3", it's got weight but I don't think it's heavy. I carry a soho clutch wallet, 6x4 agenda, wristlet, glasses, gloves. The strap length is great, long enough to get on your shoulder, short enough that it's not flopping around. I really appreciate it!
  3. Search for posts by fayden. She has a picture modeling the Ali bag in whiskey. I own it in white and whiskey and love them both. I just whish they'd make it in the pond already so I can buy it.
  4. I really wanted a whisky one - but noticed all the scratches on the display - do the scratches bother you - do they mellow out? Do you have any really bad scratches??
  5. Whiskey gets scratched very easily, but as you wear the bag, they mellow and give it a very cool look. If you rub your fingers on the scratch, the oils from your skin cause it to go away! Whiskey bags are super cool that way and the more you use them the more they get that so cool look.

    BTW - I would like to see these ali pics too!
  6. I hope you don't mind entheos, I dug up your pics from post #600 - had to see them!!
    ali1.jpg ali2.jpg ali3.jpg ali4.jpg ali5.jpg
  7. Ohhh that's u for the pics!!! Its much bigger then I thoght but I'm glad I love big bags!!!!

    Now my only concern is how heavy the hardware makes it!!!

    Thanks guys :smile:
  8. Thanks for posting those pics! I've been wanting to see it too on someone. The new darker brown color looks pretty interesting.
  9. This my khaki/ebony Ali. Sorry, I couldn't get the flash to turn off.
  10. Sorry, gotta go back and reread instructions for posting pics.
  11. It's not heavy to me. I notice the "sound" of the hardware more than weight. The Legacy Satchel ~ That's heavy! I sold that one. Compared to the large Turquoise ergo tote (we both have) the tote is softer and lighter, but Ali does have slouchiness. You have to go try it on!