Treo owners...AIM???

  1. Are there any Treo owners on here?

    If yes, do you know if its possible to have AOL INSTANT MESSENGER on it?

    Thanks in adv!
  2. Yes, but it depends. It seems AIM for the Sidekick is the best, from what I've gathered and experienced. The free ones for the Treo have a few drawbacks. I used Toccer, and it works ok, but there are plenty of others out there. Some are free, other cost money and obviously have more features. go to then go to the Palm/Treo section. Search for AIM or instant messaging then read to decide which one suits you best.
  3. I have a program called Toccer on it and I love it!
  4. ah thanks so much!

    i actually downloaded toccer yesterday & have been using it.

    it's ok but i am going to check taht site out & see if there is anything better!