Trenino Returned

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  1. I had a CR Trenino I got in case anyone wanted it but no one apparently does so I'm returning it tomorrow to the Loehmann's in Irvine. If you want to buy it then it'll be there :biggrin:

    or if you get to me before I return it I can possibly help ship it elsewhere but yeah it's going to be returned so keep your eye out if you want it and you're in the area :yes:

    *Side note* I want to change the title but I cant... anywhoo spotted at Nordstroms was more portatelefonos and stuff at South Coast. I found out they had the stock room on the 4th floor so no one ever checks it most likely :Push: ah wellz :shrugs:
  2. Heh, I think I will be returning my Citta Trenino to Loehmann's too, since no one was interested in that!
  3. how much does loehmann's sell them for? i'm thinking of getting one, but they're all selling for right at retail on ebay which i don't wanna pay since ppl are obviously buying them at discounted prices.
  4. I call the Loehmann's near my home every so often but they dont get a new shipment og Tokis . I hope they will get more of Foresta & Citta, maybe this time in the smaller syle of bags. But, I highly doubt it. I will keep you guys updated !
  5. at loehmann's, they are around 200 bucks w/o tax

  6. so it's about 20% off? i forget how much a trenino is. i really really want one (pref foresta but if i can't get a good one then i'll settle for citta rosa) but the inflated prices (and hype) kinda scares me. i never saw treninos on ebay before a couple of weeks ago.
  7. yeah they're $198 + tax... in cali tax is 7.75% or 8.25% depending on where you go (I honestly don't know why either since there's no correlation with location) so it's $213 about for me... I offered at price on LJ but on eBay I raised my prices to cover fees plus I'm just a mean seller that way on eBay when it comes to big things sometimes :lol: most of my stuff is still well under retail tho... retail is $298 I think? or something??
  8. for something that's that $$ i'd prefer to buy off eBay to aviod fees. i still want one, but idk if there will be any left by the time we make it to loehmann's on friday. or if my husband will even get it for me!
  9. Loehmann's is selling the trenino at $194.95 , I managed to grab 2 on behalf of the TPF member and got it at 10% off. & then add 8.25 % CA tax. Shipping is around $12.05 using USPS Priority Flat rate box..the trenino is heavier at 2 lbs and 6 ounces including the box.
  10. Looks like my trenino (AND portatelefono) are going back too after all - i gotta get a wisdom tooth pulled and well, that kinda takes priority over bags right now :sad:
  11. tokidokicouture: no worries--- priorities first right? hope the teeth-pulling isn't as painful as it sounds :smile:
  12. EEK wisdom teeth that sucks..make sure you have someone to wait on you for the first couple of days..the pain pills make you a little giddy & loopy..I had all 4 pulled at once...not fun..but at least they don't grow back..
  13. aww sorry about your teeth! I hope your insurance covers it so you don't have to return your tokidoki!!
  14. me too! although i did get my Harajuku Lovers Kawaii Kimono Narita bag today, and im soooooo in love with it, im kinda starting to like it better than the trenino! (shh! trenino, you didnt hear that! - if i return you i promise to still get something in citta rosa since i love, love LOVE pink!)
  15. got 2 to return too, a citta and citta rosa. I was going to keep them but I found foresta in Beverly Hills. lol. so i guess i am just gonna return it to Pasadena store.