Trendy vs classic vs collectable

  1. Differences ladies?

    Trendy to me is fleeting and not a keeper like the chanel naked bags or any pvc one for that matter...

    classic, the chanel flap, hermes kelly, even the prada nylon lines .

    collectables - not the flash in the pans, stayed for awhile, spy bag, for example.
  2. I don't know... who makes a "classic" classic? I mean, cHanel flap is admittedly classic but b/c of that it screams "old lady" bag to me... besides some so-called classic bags are so boring I want to yawn. As for Prada nylon, the only "classic" thing about it is the high price. Because I can find a nylon bag from Guess that looks amazingly similar with the triangular logo and costs $20 on sale. Same nylon, different label, HUGE price difference. So much for classic.
  3. I am a queen of classic and for ages I tried to resist because I wanted to be more interesting and cutting edge! Then I realised that I just like what suits me and it was a revelation. I recognise I am a complete classic girl, but like to think I am open to colour, variations on a theme. I am not sure if I can distinguish between classic and collectable in my mind - I keep classic bags but because I love and use them whereas collectable seems to imply something different - more objectification somehow. Be very interested to hear other views.
  4. i think classic will mean different things for different people. in the end, classic will mean something tasteful that you will want to wear year after year and will go with most of what you have - hopefully not terribly boring but not merely of-the-moment. i think "collectible" will be something interesting and eye-catching but not the most practical.
  5. I have a combination of what I think are classics and collectibles. I think Blue has a point, it's how you feel about a bag.
  6. Trendy is obvious: an extreme style that will go in and out.
    Classic & collectible are the same: because if it is classic, it is something you will collect...because it is classic and you can use it forever.