Trendy Chick Wth Classic Flap Sighting!

  1. Hi girls! I was reading a couple of posts about Chanel PFers thinking that the classic flap is a matronly look or for an "older" woman...well, today i saw this adorable young woman wearing the following:

    a. tight jeans rolled about 8 inches...(very hip, imo)
    b. wedge heels that must have been 5 inches tall with flower print on the cork part of the wedge
    c. cute tshirt
    d; Black jumbo caviar classic flap with silver h/w

    It looked fantastic! A casual, trendy look and the classic flap look great together imo!
  2. I love the way that sounds, can't wait to use my new black caviar e/w, silver hardware, with my CL wedges and some cute outfit!!
  3. the only way that I have worn my black reissue is with outfits with similar style to the above (with maybe a 3" heel) ...I love the way the classic flap looks with the rest of the outfit dressed down and hip...I call it my high/low look! :smile:
  4. sounds cute! i don't think the flap is too matronly at all - mischa barton has about fifty !
  5. Hey......I think you saw me!!!!...............only kidding!!!!:p

    I used to think the flap bags were frumpy too......not anymore :supacool:
  6. rockerchic its a high/low look :smile:
  7. heehee

    <planning to wear her flap with a swan dress like that actress wore on the oscars a few years ago, i cannot remember her name? the gorgeous Asian actress?:jammin:
  8. That's the best way to wear that bag, IMO. Very modern... :yes:
  9. Sounds like the classic flap can rock any outfit----
    That matronly thing just does not compute.
  10. Wow, you're brave!

    I think the actress you are talking about was Bjork, who is actually an Icelandic singer!
  11. yes, the gorgeous Bjork!! ty
  12. I think the classic flap looks great dressed up and down ... and for all ages! That's why I soooooooooo want one!