Treating Chloe Bags

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  1. Hi. Has anybody ever used a water resistant spray such as Collonil on their Chloe Bags to help protect them in the bad weather?

    Not sure if they are pretreated or not? Would using a spray mark the leather on the Chloe bags?

  2. Personally, I haven't, no. :nogood:

    A lot of the leather is untreated and I don't really believe in doing much to it, personally.

    Also, I've never found that a bit of rain has hurt them.

    I sometimes think that those sprays are more psychological protection, than real protection, because I used to use them on suede footwear and all they seemed to do was ruin the finish (made it all crunchy!) and the suede seemed to get just as dirty!

    I know other people swear by them, though.
  3. Thanks chloehandbags :smile: I just never know.

    I have a cole haan bag that I got several years ago and it got drenched in the rain and it dried up perfectly.

    But, with the Chloe bags, they are such a great leather that I was wondering.

    I never sprayed my UGG boots to be honest and never had a problem...
  4. ^ Yes, same here re. the uggs. :yes:

    I have LFA uggs and I find the Choc ones get rain spots but, eventually (maybe weeks later!), they disappear, again.

    Even if they didn't, I'd prefer the rain spots to the potential crunchiness! :biggrin:

    I know, in the past, that most people have said their Chloes are fine without rain protection, but perhaps wait for more opinions, just to make sure, before venturing out into the rain/spraying them?

    BTW, which style(s) do you have - Paddys?

    No problem, BTW! :flowers:
  5. Chloehandbags, I have the Medium Paraty in Old Pink. It is beautiful :smile: I have no Paddy's - I find them to be a bit heavy - but beautiful. Maybe one day I will get one.

    Which bag(s) do you have?

    Thanks so much for your help.
  6. #6 Feb 17, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2010
    ^ Oh, I love Old Pink! :biggrin:

    I have mainly clutches - I'm somewhat obsessed with them, TBH, especially the older ones! :yes:

    Really like my Elsie Clutch, too and am trying to find another one, at the moment.

    The only large Chloe bags I have are my calfskin tiger hobo (from A/W '03) and another suede hobo from the season before - oh yes and a large bracelet bag from S/S '04.

    I also have a couple of mesh hobos from '04, too.

    My pleasure - hopefully, someone with a Paraty will comment, soon! :flowers:
  7. I've used Collonil on my paddies - no problem. I didnt drench them. Just a light spray form about 40cm away. Did that once a day, 3 times. All good. Sometimes I get rain spots on my paddy hobo and large betty. They are sprayed too and the drops disappear later anyway. I think the leather is more 'naked' on those bags. It feels less coated that my other paddies. But again. Rain drops disappear, no issues at all. I mostly spray them to protect from coke spills etc. When you have kids....
  8. I have a white Paraty and I spray the water and stain protectant spray from Willsons Leather on it, no color change to the leather at all, I used it on my treesjes and LV as well.
  9. no, I haven't treat any Chloe bag, the leather too good....
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    I have never water-treated my bags with anything like Vectra, etc., or any spray. I have always been too scared for some reason that it might change the leather or not let it breathe.

    I have several medium Paratys, including Old Pink. I have applied (very lightly) Cadillac Shoe and Boot Care lotion on Old Pink and my other Paratys. Cadillac acts as a mild conditioner (no wax and no silicone!) that lets the leather breathe yet protects it from water spots, etc. I've seen light rain bead on my bag, then disappear. I have never let my Paratys get rained on or soaked, but the couple of times I got stuck and a little rain hit the bag, it just beaded after having applied the Cadillac. Cadillac was recommended to me by the designer handbag dept. at Nordstrom and by a well-known professional leather and shoe repair shop in my city. I recommend it for Paraty calfskin leather, and other calfskin bags.

    I'm sure more ladies have more advice to share....I am interested in finding out as well...
  11. ive never treated any of my chloes. however i have trated a few mulberrys lately with collonil. chloe leather is very different and for some reason dont need so much care. i have never had a issue with a chloe bag.
  12. I have used Collonil only in Paraty......I use LBM products for the rest of my chloe bags.......
  13. I've used vectra spray, and that turned out pretty well.
  14. Tegan,

    I was told by my sales associate at the Chloe boutique that the Paratys (but not sure about other styles) are pre-treated. Not sure to what extent they are, but they do have some kind of treatment to the leather.
  15. I just used LMB stuff on my black Betty, that's it. And she liked it. :P