Traveling with totally mm

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  1. I'm leaving for spain today and packed up my totally for my carryon. It feels a little heavy.. it has my ipad, small book, larger book, sunglasses, toiletry 26, and zippy wallet. Do you think the weight is to much for the handles?

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  2. Yes, it does seem like a lot of stuff for that bag. I would take out one of the books. Bon voyage!
  3. I think you should be able to carry what you want ! But would be worried that it might be a lot for the handles to take. Maybe carry the heavy book or put it into a different bag? Enjoy your travels :smile:
  4. Are you worried that the handles will tear away from the canvas?
  5. Too late for this trip now but have you consider buying a ebook reader? That will greatly reduce the weight.

    Have a fun and safe trip!

  6. Yes

  7. I could read on my ipad, but if I am outside or something it's hard to see
  8. Yes .. a ebook reader like kindle paperwhite is much better. When I travel I bring both my ipad mini and kindle.
  9. How do the handles look when you're carrying it? Is it puckering or does it look stressed where it connects with the bag?
  10. It almost looked like the handles were pulling away from the canvas. I took the big book out.. I'm a little disappointed because this is one reason why I wanted the bag and was under the impression that people used this bag for these type things
  11. LV staff said this bag can hold 100-200 lbs., I'm not willing to test that. I think if you put your largest book in your luggage that might help. I take my Kindle Touch with me when I travel, and I have 1,025 books on it and there is no glare when reading outside. Have a wonderful trip!!!
  12. :hrmm: I think it's convenient for travel if you're filling it up with a blanket, travel pillow, or extra jacket etc but yeah heavy stuff like books would be difficult...
  13. Yea i just took the larger book out and put it in my dh carry on
  14. When I first considered a Totally years ago, the particular SA said that could happen over time... The handle pulls away from the canvas... :faint: but I also think she was trying to sway me from the bag (not sure why..) I no longer work with her, but I can see if you totally (no pun intended) load her up it might happen. I agree with you- what's the point if you can't load it up to your hearts content?! Just don't throw your back out with too much stuff :smile:

  15. I do the same.. I have the Kobo app on my iPad, but I also have the Kobo mini... Carrying both is still lighter than carrying multiple books, not to mention thinner :smile: