Traveling with a PLUME 32cm--your thoughts?

  1. After getting rid of my heavy Togo 35cm Birkins a while back, I no longer have a large Hermes bag to use as a carryon. A Birkin 30cm in goatskin has sufficed on my last couple of trips, but I'd like something larger now that we're no longer allowed to take trolleys into the cabin. I am considering a Birkin 35cm and a Plume 32cm in Chevre de Coromandel since they're so durable and relatively lightweight.

    Has anyone traveled with a Plume 32cm? How do you like it? Thanks!
  2. The plume may be easier to bring on a plane...size wise, these days... but both choices are great. Have you thought about the 37 cm bolide? It looks smaller than it sounds. I think that will be my carry-on this next trip.
  3. Hi avan, thanks! I did have a 37cm Bolide in black goatskin but sold it to my sister! It would have been perfect, but I don't like the lambskin lining. One of my wishes is to have a regular Bolide with lining in Chevre Marocain instead of the usual lambskin. I once had a Bolide 47 in Clemence but it was SO heavy that when empty, it just flopped to the ground from its own weight. LOL!

    I am torn between a Plume 28cm and 32cm. I also don't know which color to choose yet, either.
  4. 24!!! Welcome back~~ Hadn't seen you here in a while. I've never carried the Plume on board (or any H bags for that matter) but my SA did recommend the larger size Plume for traveling, actually she tried to sell me one.
  5. I don't have plume, but I saw one at a boutique. 32cm looked like it had a lot of space!!!!!!! I am VERY sure it would hold a lot of stuff. I agree with you 24! Plume is a good choice-alternative to Birkin 35cm. Plume 32cm is on my wish list, too!
  6. do you carry alot? maybe decide based on what you need to bring!
  7. I am thinking about getting one when we get our 3rd kid to carry all the stuff for the baby and two other kids' snacks!
  8. Avan, I travel really light but would love the extra space that a 32cm affords. What I love most about it is the zippered closure, goatskin lining, and multiple interior pockets! I actually had a Plume 32 in Potiron Chevre de Cor./Gold but it's now with addicted! Seller's remorse... But what I'd actually rather have is a more neutral color, so I'm not too sad!

    Hi Kou, I still visit/browse every now and then! I just don't comb through all threads like I used to!

    Aspenmartial, now I'm leaning toward a 32cm! Good luck in finding yours.

    More Plume musings...
  9. Thanks,24! Please let us know when you make a decision!!!
  10. 24, my vote is a Plume 32 in Chevre in either Noisette or Havane/Cognac!
    I think it would be a perfect travel bag.
    Also, for the plane, you can still bring a regular purse (Kelly 32, Birkin 30) and a small tote (Les pliages for books, pashmina, etc) even if you can't bring a trolley. I also like the idea of bringing a large Les Pliages and putting the Kelly/Birkin inside during security checks...
  11. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for selling this 32 Potiron Chevre plume to me!!! It's my FAVORITE bag really....and I'm so happy with it. As far as traveling, I travel with quite a bit, and this bag would be too small for me. For me a Garden Party would be more suited for travel. But, I think I'm a packrat...:shame:
  12. Are the straps on the Plume 32 long enough to go over your shoulder? That has been the only downside for me traveling with a Birkin as a carryon (that, and the fact that it is really, really heavy!!)
  13. GT, you're goooood! You sure know me by now. I am definitely leaning toward those colors since they look awesome against my usual black duds. Thanks!

    Hehe addicted, I was waiting for you to chime in about your big pumpkin! I'm so glad you're enjoying it so much.

    Funnyredhed, I have never tried carrying it on my shoulder! Ask addicted! =)
  14. funny - I can get it over my shoulder with a thin jacket (like a suit jacket). Not with a big coat though.
  15. 24, I second GT's comment. I use my extra large sized Longchamp Les Pliage tote a lot when I'm traveling. You can either put your Birkin or Plume inside it if you have to put it under the seat or through the x-ray OR use it as an extra carryon. Since it's cheap and extremely durable , I don't mind it getting bumped around a lot. Besides, you can dump a lot of stuff in it.