Traveling to Scotsdale/Phoenix AZ, any suggestions?

  1. I told my DH that I wanted to head out of town for my b-day. I thought it would be more like camping or such, but it turns out he booked us for four days at the Boulders Resort and Spa in Carefree, AZ!! :yahoo:

    It's my second time there, but I'd like to discover more of the area. Any suggestions of places to go for a day trip/sightseeing?

    I've already done Taliesin and the museums last time so I want to try something new this time.
  2. I lived in Scottsdale for 5 years and the whole state is just beautiful. I really miss it. Carefree is quite far away from Phoenix/Scottsdale area though, isn't it? (I never ventured out there). I used to take day trips up to Sedona alot but that was further north, about 90 miles away.
  3. I'll be in Phoenix tomorrow for the Madonna concert and then it's right back to the airport....I'm still recovering from living 10 years in Tucson. I stayed at the Boulders when they first opened. Why not go visit the Grand Canyon?
  4. I ADORE Scottsdale!!!!!!!!
    Try to visit the Phoenician, it's UNBELIEVABLE!
    We stayed at the Ritz Carlton, there's some fab shopping across the street from it!
  5. Everytime I go to Scottsdale I :heart::heart: to shop at Fashion Square. They have Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Coach etc. You might want to check it out.:biggrin::yes:
  6. There is seriously nothing to see here in Arizona right now. It's way too hot to walk any of the trails. I have never even heard of Carefree and I've lived here for sixteen years! hmm.. yeah, it must be far from Scottsdale. :smile:

    I'm pretty sure it is like 150 out here right now, haha. :lol:
  7. Hi,

    If you are going to be in or around Phoenix...Sedona is amazing...I was there for about a month last summer and there were SO many amazing things there.

    Definitely check out the Vortexes, the Spirit walks, sweat lodges, and AMAZING trails & hikes...camping is allowed in a LOT of them...I think one of my favorites was the "Red Rock" trails??? I can't seem to remember...but it was amazing...even in the dead heat of horseback riding trails are great too...unfortunately, the horses are all barn sour!:lol:

    Have a great time on your vacation!
  8. Weird! I live in TX and I know about Crefree! LOL!
    I don't think we ever went when we used to visit though{?}

    I 2nd the Fashion Square Mall, it's fab! Just don't try to eat at PF Changs at a main mealtime, it's CRAZY!
  9. ^^YES, try to visit Sedona! It's dubbed 'Heaven on Earth!'
  10. I just realized Carefree is just 30 minutes north of Scottsdale. I was thinking of Yuma for some reason (!). Definitely try to do Sedona, The Phoenician (Mary Elaines for dinner if it's still there), The Biltmore (great restaurant there too - L'Orangerie? I think it's "Wrights" now) the Hyatt, Biltmore Fashion Park, The Buttes in Tempe for drinks, old downtown Scottsdale and try to do Sunday brunch at El Chorro on Lincoln Drive in Paradise Valley.
  11. all I know about this place is that they have good restaurants.. bf visited there a few yrs ago and he was raving about the food.. that's all that got stuck in my head.. lol
  12. You may just want to drive around carefree, I don't visit carefree often but there are a lot of unique shops there. I also second Sedona, but last week there were some wildfires so I'm not sure if the air is cleared up. You could probably see the grand canyon in a day (it will be a long day though). If you need a city style shopping fix Fashion Square is the only way to go...only LV boutique in AZ. A day in Scottsdale would be great. Tons of restaurants and endless shopping. Also see if the concierge at the Boulders has any suggestions. I hope you have a great time! It's pretty hot now but you'll find something enjoyable for sure!
  13. I live in SE Arizona. If you are doing the Grand Canyon, do it early!! We went back in April and by noon it was getting hot. It's also very busy. We got there around 9am and by the time we left (12pm) the line going into the park was LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG. We stayed in Flagstaff and headed to the Canyon early. There is also the Meteor Crater to see near Flagstaff.

    Biltmore Fashion Park is a great place to shop & eat!:yes:
  14. OMG ladies you've been awesome with your suggestions! Thank you!!

    Carefree is kind of slightly away from most things, but we'll have a car and our flight goes to the Phoenix area.

    I actually love AZ in the summer, beats Houston and Dallas humidity! 110 in the sun feels a-okay for me :smile:

    I think we'll try for the Grand Canyon, my DH has seen it but I never went on that family roadtrip to the GC LOL

    *crosses fingers* Hopefully I can convince the man to drop by the LV boutique. I'd love a pair of the new summer earrings!
  15. My hubby is from Scottsdale and I LOVE to go back any chance we get! Unfortunately it's not that often since he no longer has family there...

    If you're looking for somewhere to eat, the first place I always have to go is PF Changs in Scottsdale. :shame: I swear it's the best (and the original) and I go to every PF Changs I can find!