Travel beauty regimen

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  1. So when you're itinerant, do you consolidate your beauty regimen or holistically keep to your routine? Just curious about travel beauty routines.
  2. I remain faithful to my skincare routine! I either buy minis if I'm using a smaller bag, like just a carry on or fill up empty travel containers.
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  3. i buy minis of my regular products or fill travel bottles with my regular stuff. i do wear less makeup on vacay/travel and leave most makeup products behind altogether. sometimes i will buy products where i am, but only if i already know the brands are represented overseas and readily available. i have super clear skin and freak out without my own stuff on hand, so i rarely deviate when away from home. and when i do.. i get very freaked out :annoyed:
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  4. I try & get samples of the products that I am using & when traveling will either have a travel size
    or transfer what I need to take with me
  5. I keep it pretty simple, both home & away.

    Travels: take my own bar of soap & bath sponge.
    They add pack weight. And require storing in plastic baggies, haul to next destination--
    but are little luxury enjoyed immensely. Especially in locales without washcloths. And hotels with wee 1-use-size soaps. Or things scented as overly sweet fruit.:yucky:

    Also bring own face lotion & exfolliant.
    I ask department store make-up counters for empty plastic sample jars/bottles. Then fill those from my home containers.

    Shampoo, sunscreen, etc. I buy when arrive. And as trip progresses. Or use hotel provisions. And just deal with smelling as overly sweet fruit.:yucky:
    I do not wear cosmetics. But neeeeeeeed my lip balm & breath strips. And tweezers.

    Every liquid/gel toiletry item is discarded, before return home. Except if need toothbrush/paste on plane, for long haul.
    In case bacteria was introduced. And to speed up airport security checks.
    I even toss the soap & sponge--though say, "goodbye & thanks" to them.:wave: Tragic.
  6. I find it really difficult to be faithful to my routine because I have so many liquids to bring along and I refuse to check my luggage (I've had it go missing too many times). Usually the routine goes out the window.
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    Routine gets more simplified so instead of 4 steps, it's down to 2 - wash & moisturize. Contents are transferred into travel sized bottles. Make up is the same as home: eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and powder. Everything in a small pouch that's tossed into my travel tote.

    I actually find my skin to be much softer when aboard than at home due to the humidity. My city is dry dry dry.
  8. Remains the same really. Usually I am in a rush to pack so I just take my full sized bottles with me. (cleanser, toner, essence, serum, moisturiser and SPF). The only things I don't take are my homemade vitamin C serum and my chemical exfoliant and my clay/cream masks. I only take a few hydrating sheet masks to use whilst on the plane to keep my skin hydrated. Oh and on top of that I have to take my men's items (shaver, shaving balm, etc.).

    Writing this out and being only a small portion of my luggage, I certainly don't travel light!
  9. I have a super basic beauty regime so I don't need to change it for travel,

    I wash my face with a bar of black soap, then apply face cream...

    My makeup is pretty basic too!
  10. I buy mini's or get samples so I can continue. A few days ago I bought the mini travel sized kit from Liz Earle so that I can continue my routine while in NYC next month!
  11. After this post, I went out and picked up the new hourglass stick foundation because I realized that I shouldn't have to compromise on skincare items in my 3-1-1 bag.
  12. That s a really good thread. Of course it depends where I go. It's good to have a hydrating mask for any long haul flights and if I go somewhere hot obviously need different things for my skin. Or if I go skiing again I will change my routine . But I do try to pack light with samples or decanding things.
  13. Largely the same. Make-up remover, cleanser, serum, moisturizers, cotton pads and Q tips.
  14. I simplify it, but keep all the necessary steps: cleanse, tone, treat, moisturize. I usually put my skincare items in smaller bottles/jars or bring samples with me. I also have multiple use products so I don't have to bring everything. It's such a hassle packing plastic baggies for flights so I've resorted to buying solid sticks, cushion compacts, and pre-soaked toner pads. It saves space and these things don't leak.
  15. Fo you have dedicated travel beauty bags?